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Google and PayPal Cause Peso To Strengthen
September 28, 2007

I’m no economist, but I’d like this to happen. The twin development is all over the Internets – Google Adsense allowing Western Union payments, and PayPal enabling payments to PH accounts (and paying credit cards? how’s that, by crediting?)

So, more money flowing into the Philippines through the Internet Economy. I hope we don’t get “PaypalSucks” type stories, though.


VISA Rebate Promo
November 13, 2006

Good thing I read the paper newspaper yesterday, at a coffee shop. I caught this promo for VISA Credit Cards in the Philippines where they would rebate your 2006 purchases. It started yesterday, November 12.

Take note of the 500 Peso minimum purchase to get a raffle entry. I forgot about that when I bought some Starbucks today to redeem the 2007 planner. The first draw is on the 21st, but the raffle entry is valid until the last draw on February 2. So, register your purchases now so you get six changes of winning.

Moneybookers Verification
November 2, 2006

Moneybookers letterhead

I signed up for Moneybookers some time ago but never got to use it. Recently, I tried using it again to buy Skype credit but never finished the transaction. If I recall right, this was due to the requirement of verifying my VISA credit card for funding the account. I had to wait until I got my paper statement, since I don’t have online banking for the credit card.
This reminded me that I might want to use Moneybookers to receive money.

I got address verification to increase my sending limit. The letter arrived quickly – it was dated 26 October and arrived today.