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Coding No More?
June 26, 2008

Two surprising things have happened.

First, I have admitted to myself that I have grown tired of coding.

Second, I have been reading business books, and will be reading some more. I choose these from the Personal MBA reading list.

How did this happen?

After being a programmer for 23 years – since age 11 – I have grown tired of it. I do code for work, but I no longer relish the thought of coding in my spare time. No personal hobby projects. Sadly, no open source contributions – a cause for open source angst. Who would write Pinoy open source now? I still hope some of the younger generation pick it up. Perhaps that itch to scratch will find its way back to me.

Will it come back? Perhaps. It could just be a phase.

I now find analyzing requirements and writing specifications and designs interesting. I used to think that this was a boring, or even unnecessary activity – just hack away on hardcore tech! I guess understanding this stuff is part of growing older – and wiser, I hope?

I still love software development. The difference is that I see it from a wider perspective.


If You Can’t Blog, Get Interviewed
June 26, 2008

Thanks to Keith Rull! He interviewed me as the first Pinoy developer in his interview series.

Things I’d like to add: to get to do stuff, you need to put in a lot of hard work – and often, you’ll think about the road not taken. And, nostalgic oldtimers might be surprised when I say that the kids of today have it better. I must add – that’s why expect much much more of them, and then get disappointed.

Sharing your stuff is made much easier if someone asks you questions. I remember the old interview meme. I did not remember it just like that. Instead, WordPress told me that I got a new comment.

Now, I am restarting my blogging once more.