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May 6, 2008

I read MacRumors on occasion. It’s not just because I want tech gossip. I’m thinking, when shall I get myself a Mac? The old Mac Envy.

It’s still nowhere in sight. Even if technical articles showed to me demonstrating Mac superiority over Windows and even Linux, I have already invested in building a home Linux/Windows PC, which costs cheaper than a MacBook, is more powerful and expandabe, and is well-suited for me learning sysadmin stuff under virtualization.

Most of my laptop work is done on my office PC which needs to be Windows.

There’s just no ROI for me getting a Mac. It would be useful if I were a pure Java developer – no dependencies on proprietary stuff. But that’s not happening soon.

In the ideal world I would have lots of free time to hack on Java, Rails and other Unixy stuff that would run on OS X, but I’m not there.