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Now a Casual Mac User
September 18, 2008

I previously said I was unswitchable. I took a side step.

I got a great deal from a friend selling his Mac Mini G4. Still in pristine condition.

I’m using it to get acquainted with Mac OS, and to see if Objective-C/Cocoa programming is for me. 

Even if I’m into mobile dev, I’m not going into Mac for iPhone. Apple has deprecated the G4 and it cannot run the iPhone dev kit. And,  I won’t spend a crazy amount of money on an iPhone.


Hello Philippine Blog Awards Visitors
September 18, 2008

Now, I have a reason to blog – to greet people coming here from the Philippine Blog Awards site. I have judged a few categories.

I may be a delinquent blogger, but I remain a voracious blog  reader – most especially for tech and work-related content.

I haven’t been attending blogger events for the past year and a half, so this is In Real Life catching up time.