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MyBlogLog, the next Friendster?
January 29, 2007

More people have been visiting this blog, thanks to the Blog Parteeh. One indicator is, new faces appearing in MyBlogLog. People from the party who just signed up.

What do I do to the people I’ve met? Add as contact! Just like Friendster in 2003.

So will it grow like Friendster? Probably not, because only a small percent of local Internet users do blogs. So, it won’t be a “directory service” or “profiling service,” where you check Friendster to see more about the person through their profile. But MyBlogLog could be the network of the bloggerati.

Yahoo! superhacker Jeremy Zawodny is working on it now, so only good should happen.


Nokia Nseries: Not Selling?
January 28, 2007

“Giga” Om Malik writes about Nokia’s Nroblems. Selling in the US is tough. How are they doing here in Nokia-loving Philippines?

I’ve been curious as to why US consumers don’t want to pay cash for phones, and prefer to get it through carriers instead. Or is it how the market works? There are people here who buy $800 and above phones, a lot of money in the Philippines but (should be) small change in the US. Why is handset purchasing behavior different?

Or maybe it’s because the Nseries using S60 are too complex, and arguably buggier and slower, than Series 40. Maybe Nokia should come out with high end, high margin “feature phones” – that are more practical than the “fashion” phones or other fancy units.

They can’t shake away the “multimedia computer” that easily. The N95, from the early reviews, really has it packed with features and complexity.

After Parteeh
January 28, 2007

Sorry I was in no partying mood. I had a headache and was dizzy. Those who know me from before probably noticed that I was less talkative and active than before. I had other things on schedules, so I didn’t come as early as the other hard-working committee members, and I didn’t join the post-parteeh revelry.

The highlights!

Congratulations to those who won stuff. Thanks for enjoying my personal contribution (since I have no blog network or blog-related company) to the parteeh. Thanks for the blog links!

Oh, and I had a scandal too.


Let’s Blog Parteeh!
January 20, 2007

After missing a whole lot of blogging events, I’m making good on my plan to be more active in the local blogging scene. Join me at the blogparteeh!

Let’s meet up if you want to make the move from a blogger/commenter/reader/lurker to a real-life community member.

We’d like to thank those who made this possible:
This event is sponsored by: Sheero Media Solutions, MyJournal Philippines, FeedText, Inc., Migs Paraz, A Bugged Life, The Blog Herald, b5media blog network, About My Recovery, Pinoy.Tech.Blog, Enthropia, Inc., Krispy Kreme Philippines, GMA New Media, Awesome Philippines,,,,, Bouncing Red Ball, Bo Sanchez, Microwarehouse Inc.

BlogParteeh07 Donors:
Marc Javellana, Bubba Gump, e-YellowPages, Adobe User Group – Philippines, Weddings @ Work, Google Philippines, Hinge Inquirer Publications

Mobile Phone History
January 18, 2007

The mobile phones I have used through the years…

  • Motorola MicroTAC. Used this with Piltel’s Mobiline AMPS analog service.
  • Nokia 5110. The classic Nokia. Left it in a FX taxi and lost it along with my first prepaid Globe number.
  • Panasonic GD45. This one looked like a toy.
  • Panasonic GD90. This looked like the essential “J-Phone” of the time. Very small and the lightest battery ever, so light on battery life too.
  • Nokia 7110. The first WAP phone. I broke the spring slider at some point.
  • Siemens C45. This had nice ergonomics. I think I killed the battery, though, since it also had bad life eventualy.
  • Nokia 3530. The first color phone from Nokia I believe. My first taste of J2ME and GPRS. This lasted me a long time.
  • Sony Ericsson K700i. This is sossy looking and the GPRS EDGE is fast enough. I was late to camera phones – this wsa my first at 640×480.
  • Nokia N80. Feature-packed, WiFi is great, battery not so. Bulky, but I still managed to lose it.
  • Nokia 1100. This is nice, the utility of the 3310 back in the day but in a small package and a low price.
  • Nokia N70. I wrote the pink N70 is still good, I got this from someone, but I gave it to someone else, because I find S60 too cumbersome and the phone is too big now that I need to carry 3 phones.

The three phones I now use are:

  • Nokia 6233. My main 3G phone now. Used for the office plan.
  • Nokia 6070. This feels like classic Series 40. Heavier but more useful than the 1100 it replaces. Used for my personal number, +639209054981.
  • Nokia 6100. A classic from 2002, still good. Still Nokia’s lightest ever. I use this for a Globe prepaid SIM, for UNLIMITXT.

What phones have you used? Which ones stand out?

Down to Series 40 on the 6233
January 15, 2007

My affair with smartphones is taking a break. I gave up the N70 – why? I’ll share the reason later.

I’m now on the 6233. I followed Abe and Migs. While I could live without the S60 “smart” features,  I miss task switching. Java ME (J2ME) is enough for apps. I don’t think I need flash on the camera.

I haven’t taken enough photos and videos to judge the quality. The stock 64 MB MicroSD card won’t let you record 640×480 video – I should buy a larger one.
Why this phone? I didn’t want to spend too much on a N73. I might save up for an iPhoneN95, or N76.

Why Nokia? To make it easy to text SMS messages on my other phone, which is a Nokia 1110. That’s about the cheapest new handset available. My other phone is only for calling/texting.
Did I lose out by buying a “Featurephone” and not a Smartphone? I hope not. Besides, it seems like the iPhone will be a “Featurephone” without third-party app support.

As a phonecam photographer, I hope Nokia puts autofocus + flash on Series 40 devices, and not just save it for the S60 N73 and N95.

Blogging and SEO: Levels of Commitment
January 15, 2007

Marc has a great post on how the Philippine SEO industry can improve. I wish I could join in and help. SEO for me is a fun hobby. The dollars I earn slowly add to my investment money.

But I couldn’t take it to the next level. Same with blogging. I could not be a problogger.

So what makes one a pro blogger or SEO? A quick estimate:

  • 1-2 hours a day, and more time on weekends, is hobbyist level. My level.
  • 4 hours is part-time level.
  • 8 hours a day or more, it’s your full-time job or business.

Another metric is: do blogging, SEO, or other tech-hobbies (say, assembling PCs or writing small software) make the majority of your income?
Unfortunately, mental bandwidth and attention span capacity can’t be measured that easily. It also helps if blogging/SEO are different from your employment/day job, which is my case.

Yahoo! DNS problems
January 10, 2007

I host a few domains at Yahoo! Small Business. This offers domain registration and zone hosting, plus integration with Y! services which I don’t use. It’s relatively expensive at $9.95 per domain/year, but when I first signed up they had a promo (was it $2?). I also thought it was worth the price for high availability.
Yesterday, I noticed was down when I tried to migrate it. I checked with ‘dig’ and, Yahoo!’s hosting server, was not responding. I checked with the Pingability service: the server is down. It looks like a Yahoo! server failure

Rimuhosting offers DNS hosting bundled with their VPS server. Since I wanted up,  I “unlocked” the domain and pointed the NS records to Rimuhosting.  I set up the A records there.
Today, Yahoo! DNS is back.

Switch to FeedBurner Metrics complete
January 10, 2007

To continue with my last blog upgrades, all 3 blogs running Performancing Metrics have switched to FeedBurner.
What I’m missing:

  • Pages with Adsense clicks

What needs improvement:

  • More search signatures (e.g.
  • Show all (or at least 100) top pages/traffic sources/outgoing links, not just 20.
  • Internal links are reported. (well some people want to track that…)
  • Integration with feeds. Did I convert a searcher or a referrer into a subscribe? Compare mine () with my goal (). That’s Bossing Abe of course.

Perhaps they are saving the premium site features for a Pro account?

So it’s iPhone.
January 9, 2007

Will Steve Jobs’ latest hit solve both my Mac envy and future phone requirements? Mac OS Mobile – Mac OS for the “masses?”
So there’s iPhone, the N95, the RAZR-looking N76… new phones never stop coming, maybe I should get cheap ones instead.