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Blog Resolutions for 2007
December 31, 2006

It’s that time (or that day) of the year, to make resolutions for the next year (tomorrow!)

Now for some doable goals and how I think I’m doing:

Post more often. This should be easier since I’ve relaxed my personal criteria on what can be posted here. But that won’t make me turn this into a “what I did today” type of blog.

Post better content. I have some post drafts that are waiting to be filled out. I think I’ll have some interesting stories for 2007, along with some autobiography. How much tech stuff I’ll post depends mostly on the stuff I do outside of work. I still won’t be posting work-related material here.

Increase feed subscribers. I know no tricks on how to get more people to read my feeds, but I want to catch up with Abe. I think that many people drop by but either don’t find my writing compelling, or they don’t know how to use feed readers. I suspect most Pinoy blog readers have yet to discover feeds.

Increase comments. Maybe I should ask more questions? This is also related to SEO: my blog should rank in queries where people are looking for something.

Not about blogging per se, but related. Generate Wikipedia content. I want to write complete articles, and fill up more sections. In the course of my research, both work and personal, I find that I need to add more to Wikipedia. I wrote a “novelty” article that is about an actual subject, but that doesn’t count. My Wikipedia user contributions are all minor edits.

How about you, what are your blogging plans for the year?


My 2006 In Review
December 27, 2006

This is cliche’d but just right. I’ve been feeling negative the past few days. Now, to take a hint from Noemi’s Blessing Box post, what are the good stuff that happened to me this year?

In April, I got a new job at a promising new company. I have not blogged about my new employer. I plan to, at the proper time. It’s no secret who they are if you look around, but I haven’t stated it for the record.

I have a great team, for work and otherwise. We had a blast at our song/dance number at the group of companies’  Christmas party.
I traveled to new parts of the world for me: Israel and Germany. Being in Haifa at the beginning of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict was quite worrisome, though it was a new experience!
I went to Hong Kong thrice: two nights, then overnight, then a day trip.

I went back to mostly Java work. The great thing is it’s not the enterprise Java/J2EE that I find boring. It’s fairly low-level but mission critical telco stuff.
I spent my spare time on optimizing my blogs and ads. I wasn’t a problogger this year, and neither was I a SEO, but I tried to play one on the net.

I got to catch some blog and SEO events.

I got interested in a new “hobby” of sorts. Still getting started, but it should unfold in 2007.

Good stuff in my personal life and relationships.

And the bad? I won’t mention it here.

Blogging putting more Pinoy content online
December 26, 2006

An important point in Ka Edong’s interview: blogging is putting more Pinoy content online.

I would state it as: blogging + comments (conversation) is putting more content online. Sure, lots of blogs talking about a topic might obscure real content on web searches, but in the Philippines case it’s usually stuff that is never talked about in the first place.

Since the owners of the information never put up official sites for their stuff, their attention is lost to people who blog and comment about them.

Another thing to consider is the corporate interest of news sources. For five years, people have been visiting and trusting its brand. Now, with the INQUIRER-GMA7 split,  is there a chance for bloggers to take over as primary sources of news?

My Nokia N95
December 26, 2006

I don’t have an N95 yet. Nobody has, at this time. Do I want one for my birthday? If I can afford the $700 (or more) at that time. (What will N95 pricing in the Philippines be?)

I hope the camera is better than the N80’s. The GPS would be useful for building a Manila map, if only you could carry this safely on the street.

If only there were a local Nokia Blogger Relations Program. Would I be on it? I’m sure Abe would – an operator already gave him a review handset.

S60 3rd Edition Envy
December 17, 2006

S60 3rd Edition Envy. Or, N73 envy. While the pink N70 is doing great, web browsing isn’t too great. No, it’s not the small screen. Opera Mobile is fine.

The problem is that Opera Mobile gags on pages that claim to be XHTML but are not. There are lots of those.

I don’t really need mobile browsing… it’s just the “want.”

At least GMail and Yahoo! Mail (care of Yahoo! Go) work.

Need a job in the Philippines? Join Brainbench
December 12, 2006

While I’m not looking for a job, recruiters keep on bugging me. Two recruiters from a certain local outsourcing company contacted me: one through the BrainBench “leave a business card,” and another through my cellphone. I verified that the call was also through BrainBench.

I didn’t really think of BrainBench as a job site. I posted my public transcript (#3437094) to “show off” what I have. Not that it means much?

It also helps (or hurts) that there is a Brainbench Philippines now. They tied up with some local recruitment firm.

I am not an SEO
December 12, 2006

I am not a Search Engine Optimizer. I just work on SEO for fun, for spreading my blogs’ influence, and of course for some extra income Like the way I’m not a problogger, I don’t make the Internet my primary source of cash. It’s just extra investment money.

I am very flattered that some people consider me a SEO expert – would you believe that?

Nevertheless, if I find new SEO stuff worth thinking about and posting, I’ll put it here.

Mac Envy
December 12, 2006

I’m having Mac envy.

More people are using Macs locally. Learning Mac OS X has been one of my goals for a time. No opportunity yet. Mac OS is supposed to be good for Java and Rails development.

Unfortunately, the stuff I work with need Windows. (I know you can run Windows on the Mac hardware but that’s not the real thing.)

So I couldn’t use a Macbook. A Mac Mini for the house perhaps? No, the cheap models are G4 and I don’t know how long Apple will support that CPU for future Mac OS versions. I heard it’s slow. Besides, I already have a desktop PC that’s mostly idle. I am putting off my PC upgrade plans for now.

Oh well, I’ll just wait for an upgrade of my office Dell Latitude to a Core 2 Duo version.

Why do people still look for PayPal Philippines?
December 4, 2006

The keyword “paypal philippines” is still one of the top searches on my old blog.

PayPal has been available in the Philippines since October. What are they looking for?

My guess is, it’s people who want to know how to receive payments through PayPal. This is not yet supported.

Are they using PayPal alternatives? How are they?

Since it’s December, maybe they want to receive money and get remittance for Christmas?

My Pink N70: Still Good
December 3, 2006

I have a pink Nokia N70.

Pink Nokia N70, Back

Yes, it’s pink. My significant other got it from her brother, then she replaced the casing. I got her the N70 Music Edition.

I’m not changing the case yet. It’s a conversation piece. I’ll wait for it to wear out. Only one bad stare so far on the LRT2.

At first I hesitated in spending money on a phone that’s a year old. Series 60 2nd ed? 3rd ed is already current.

But it seems that the N70 still has a good price niche. It’s fairly common, so there are better chances of bringing it out on the street.


I was thinking about the Nokia 6233.

Nokia 6233

But Series 40 phones only have a mobile web browser. No S60 browser (only on 3rd ed so I don’t have it). No Opera. Only Opera Mini, the J2ME app with transcoding. The 3G isn’t very useful here – maybe only for laptop connectivity. The 6233 doesn’t even have a front-facing camera for video calls – as if people make video calls?

Last night, I made a 3G data call for the laptop for the first time. I was at a place with no broadband and a noisy phone line – dialup is only 28.8Kb/s or so. For casual use, the Smart 3G 10 pesos/30 minutes plan is not bad.

Through the connection status monitor, I saw that I got up to 17KB/s down, and up to 10 KB up. I couldn’t complete a Flickr Uploader session to upload to my Flickr account. It was HTTP only – no Yahoo Messenger among other things.
It sometimes suspends and disconnects the 3G sessions – maybe because I was in a closed room. I still need to retest under “clear” conditions.

For the N73 imaging/autofocus temptation – I think my shots (in Flickr) are good enough for my phonecam photography. Especially in the daytime.