Moneybookers Verification

Moneybookers letterhead

I signed up for Moneybookers some time ago but never got to use it. Recently, I tried using it again to buy Skype credit but never finished the transaction. If I recall right, this was due to the requirement of verifying my VISA credit card for funding the account. I had to wait until I got my paper statement, since I don’t have online banking for the credit card.
This reminded me that I might want to use Moneybookers to receive money.

I got address verification to increase my sending limit. The letter arrived quickly – it was dated 26 October and arrived today.


2 Responses

  1. hey did u need to pay for the verification? or they just send u the verification letter for free? so does that mean it’s 100% free verification? plz mail me the answer. regards.

  2. Hi mak,
    As far as I can recall, verification is free.

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