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In the Company of Heroes
November 22, 2006

Even with my lowly (by gamer standards) GeForce FX5500, I am able to play Company of Heroes! I have to lower the settings to the minimum, and the first campaign on the beach is terrible. My Celeron D 320 with 2×512 DDR400 is adequate.
I’m back to RTS gaming, my favorite genre. That is not saying much since I am not a serious gamer.
If I really get hooked, I am tempted to upgrade to a GeForce 7300GT. But why spend money on obsolete AGP? On the other hand, it would be too expensive to upgrade to a PCI-E platform – it could be as high as going Core Duo 2 + discrete graphics, or as low as a GeForce 6100/nForce 4x1x on AMD64 Socket AM2. However, the latter option only provides for an analog VGA output. My monitor (AOC LM725) sucks on analog.
I’ll wait until I reach a mission that can’t be played with my hardware. I’m not looking at multiplayer anyway – the other PC here has no chance of running CoH.