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Blogging and SEO: Levels of Commitment
January 15, 2007

Marc has a great post on how the Philippine SEO industry can improve. I wish I could join in and help. SEO for me is a fun hobby. The dollars I earn slowly add to my investment money.

But I couldn’t take it to the next level. Same with blogging. I could not be a problogger.

So what makes one a pro blogger or SEO? A quick estimate:

  • 1-2 hours a day, and more time on weekends, is hobbyist level. My level.
  • 4 hours is part-time level.
  • 8 hours a day or more, it’s your full-time job or business.

Another metric is: do blogging, SEO, or other tech-hobbies (say, assembling PCs or writing small software) make the majority of your income?
Unfortunately, mental bandwidth and attention span capacity can’t be measured that easily. It also helps if blogging/SEO are different from your employment/day job, which is my case.


What is happening with blog analytics?
January 1, 2007

Thanks to the reminder in my Blog Resolutions 2007 post

Why are blog analytics providers messed up? Bloggers not willing to pay? Sorry for the lack of references, off the top of my head…
MeasureMap – acquired by Google, closed to new signups, founders reportedly working on other things.

Performancing Metrics – became “startup fat” then sold to the controversial PayPerPost. I’m still using it and I don’t think PPP is evil enough that I should totally purge my data from their server. Will I keep it? Not sure.
BlogBeat – acquired by FeedBurner, I hope to see them open soon since I use a FeedBurner feed.
Blog Flux – what happened to Blog Flux, Abe?

Blogging putting more Pinoy content online
December 26, 2006

An important point in Ka Edong’s interview: blogging is putting more Pinoy content online.

I would state it as: blogging + comments (conversation) is putting more content online. Sure, lots of blogs talking about a topic might obscure real content on web searches, but in the Philippines case it’s usually stuff that is never talked about in the first place.

Since the owners of the information never put up official sites for their stuff, their attention is lost to people who blog and comment about them.

Another thing to consider is the corporate interest of news sources. For five years, people have been visiting and trusting its brand. Now, with the INQUIRER-GMA7 split,  is there a chance for bloggers to take over as primary sources of news?

I am not an SEO
December 12, 2006

I am not a Search Engine Optimizer. I just work on SEO for fun, for spreading my blogs’ influence, and of course for some extra income Like the way I’m not a problogger, I don’t make the Internet my primary source of cash. It’s just extra investment money.

I am very flattered that some people consider me a SEO expert – would you believe that?

Nevertheless, if I find new SEO stuff worth thinking about and posting, I’ll put it here.