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Europe Roaming Charges
October 30, 2006

i read some time ago about the discussions or negotiations between the EU and mobile operators about the price of roaming between European countries. It’s no joke.

I got my Smart phone bill. The calls I made from Germany to the Philippines were PhP 123 per minute! These are listed under “roaming operator charge,” with a zero toll charge. The roaming operator is “MM GERMANY”. This is most likely T-Mobile DE since I was roaming with them most of the time.

If I remember right, this rate is 15% on top of the operator’s IDD rate. If this is correct, then the IDD rate is fantastic.

On the other hand, SMS is not bad at PhP 7.58. This was PhP 32 per SMS when I was in Israel.
On the other hand, the incoming calls that I got were only PhP 20.54 (US$ 0.40 I guess) on the toll charge, with zero roaming operator charge.


Those IPhil Days
October 29, 2006

At the SEO Philippines event, some of the people knew me from my Internet days. Just today, I bumped into a former coworker.  These remind me: I need to write about my IPhil days.

IPhil was an Internet service provider (plus some other businesses) that I helped run. We started on it in 1994, it launched in 1995, and I was working on it in different forms until 2002. Is it still running today? I can’t really say and I no longer know the full story.
I’m not that old yet. But if this chapter of my life and career is really behind me, then it’s time to write my memoirs.

Media Temple Grid Server Review
October 28, 2006

People have been asking me how the Grid Server is doing. I am still figuring out what to upload to push out a Terabyte of traffic, and see how the resource computation goes (is it CPU/storage? or bandwidth?)

Until I find out, here’s an enlightening article: The Secret Behind Media Temple’s Grid-Server.

It’s great reading for people into systems and network architecture.

SEO Philippines Beercon 2006!
October 28, 2006

SEO Philippines Beercon 2006 at Jill’s, the Fort. I was there from a little past 7pm to 2am+.

First, the raffle for the Isulong SEOPH contest. Maan Tolentino of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society drew the winning ranking from the tambiolo (pumpkins!). The winner at this position, if verified, wins an iPod. 7 more to follow.

Next, the succeeding contest. Marc announced the next keyword. I won’t mention it here: wait for the official announcement.

Finally, the Google Country Consultant talk. Aileen Apolo introduced herself and what Google will do in the Philippines. A notable part was promoting the Google Advertising Professionals program. I was the first to answer her little quiz about Google products – I got “Gmail” – so  I should get a Google T-shirt. But she hasn’t received the delivery, so we had to settle for token chocolates.
Then of course the small talk and other things that happens behind the scenes and don’t go online.

The Jill’s finger food was good. I had beer, tequila, and gin. Thanks to the sponsor, Lakeside Technologies!
Hello to the bloggers I finally met: Noel, Jayvee, Rico, Erwin, Sorsi. Apologies to anyone I missed. Hi to Grace – you should blog! Hi again to Anton, Monica and of course Abe.

Something old, Something new
October 27, 2006

The something old is my 2 year old PC. I’ve been upgrading the software. No need to upgrade the hardware. This is what’s keeping Intel from selling more.

Something new. I upgraded Ubuntu to 6.10 Edgy Eft, using “dist-upgrade.” No problems. I just needed to rebuild the proprietary NVidia driver with gcc-4.10.

Then I installed Fedora Core 6 Zod. I haven’t tweaked it. I will use this to study Xen 3. I tried that at the office but it doesn’t work out of the box under VMWare. I backed up some files from my CentOS partition, which I wiped out. Some of these were work files from more than two years ago. More of something old.

October 27, 2006

Part of my blog plans is posting about the past. Building up my autobiography.

I hesitate in posting stuff about myself and what’s happening to me now. But yesterday’s news is today’s history, and I’d like to post about my history. Some would be about myself – pardon the vanity. Some would be tech and Internet history – things that haven’t been posted in public and for the record. Until now.

Another observation is the About page. I’ve revisited my profile pages in different services, and they are stuck in time. A “living about page” should stay current.

The Blog Change
October 26, 2006

In my previous post, people were thinking about starting over.

First of all, my old blog is still around. I did not delete it. You can still find it if you search for it.

The next reason is I was confused about monetization. I wanted to monetize my blog and that made it look ugly. I’m still keeping it around for that purpose – in fact I even made it all out and took out my attempts to make it less obvious. Now, if I want to monetize content, I’ll build a new site for it. Not here.

Next is I want to post more personal stories, experiences and opinions. Or try. I haven’t been good in blogging about my life and what happens, since I hold back. One reason about holding back is that it hurts monetization. With that gone, I should be
better in doing this.
Next is the blog name. I now find the old name now corny. I can’t think of a better one, so I name this blog after myself. I hope you don’t find me narcissistic, but it’s just practical.
Next is my name. I decided I want to use my real name, “Miguel” for my blog. People can still call me “Migs” of course, but I wanted my blog nom de plume to be more formal.
The final reason is that I’m on a different hosting service. I’m using the Media Temple Grid Server for this blog. I’m keeping the old blog and other domains at the original host.

Starting Over
October 23, 2006

I’ve decided to start over with blogging.

I’m not happy with how the old blog and my thoughts inside were organized. But since the content is already in place, I am not moving it here.