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NetBeans Notes
March 23, 2008

Is the NetBeans blogging contest a SEO scheme from Sun?

I have nothing contest-worthy to say, so I’ll just list what I’ve been doing in NetBeans:

  • Installed NetBeans 6.1 beta, the full edition, in Windows Vista. Installed JDK6 Update 5 as well.
  • The Look and Feel is a bit Vista-like, but not enough to look native.
  • Started on a little project. Learned different shortcuts as I am using Eclipse for the most part.
  • Biggest annoyance: New Class is still very sparse: no option to select interfaces to implement, superclasses, and access level. You need to type these in in the code, the traditional way.
  • Installed the same version, in Ubuntu Linux. First tried OpenJDK, installed through apt-get.
  • The core NetBeans installed, but GlassFish did not since there is an incompatibility – something to do with keytool.
  • Installed sun-java6-jdk and ran the installer again. It continued with GlassFish.
  • NetBeans on OpenJDK+Linux looks terrible. The fonts are bad. Sun JDK looks better.

Hacking Tosh
March 23, 2008

I gave in. I am now trying to install the OSX86. Hackintosh. SteveOS.

I’m now trying “Kalway” 10.5.1. My best bet is the Acer 4710Z Gemstone, which is an Intel T2080, a Yonah like the original MacBook, with an Intel 943GML chipset. I was able to reach the installer application. The hard drive needs to be backed up before continuing, since OSX86 wants a dedicated drive to install on. I have a spare mobile hard drive which I could swap in, but, I don’t want to break the Acer warranty sticker since it’s still good til July 2008.

On the NForce 7050 Pro + AMD X2 3600, it doesn’t go far. But, on my newest box, based on Asus P5K-SE (P35 chipset) + Intel E8200, it also reaches the installer. But I read that the Attansic LAN card is not supported, and I don’t want to stick in a PCI card. I’d rather get it to work with virtualization, which did not work out.

I want to learn about the innards of OSX86. The tutorials, wiki pages and forums of installing Steve’s OS sure show the grungy depths of it. Stuff that the shiny Mac user doesn’t see – well, shouldn’t see. I also want to try some software development on the Mac platform.

I’m also being cheap and won’t buy a real Apple box (yet). I don’t need another computer. I won’t be able to take a MacBook on my trips, anyway

But even with the new Penryn Macs, MacBook Air, and other stuff now available, I’m over my old Mac envy.

Virtualization Updates
March 23, 2008

The host is Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, still in bleeding edge alpha (and hundreds of megabytes of updates).

  • OSX86 on kvm or qemu – no go immediately on boot.
  • OSX86 on VMware – stuck on boot.
  • OpenSolaris Indiana Preview 2 – Runs in kvm, but Cirrus Logic emulated VGA is not supported. Forcing VESA mode just blanks out the screen. Tried using VMware to install, success. Tried to boot the VMware disk image using kvm, reboots immediately after choosing the kernel. Tried forcing 32-bit kernel, no go. Will try Solaris Express Developer Edition instead.
  • FreeBSD 7.0 64-bit – flawless. Of course there’s no X configuration (by default), and I don’t think I need it. I have no idea what I will use FreeBSD for.

Linux setup status
March 11, 2008

Linux setup pending problems:

  1. No CPU/system temperature from ACPI. (Ironically, hard drive temp is available but not in Windows.)
  2. Ubuntu 7.10 installer is not compatible with KVM (Kernel Virtualization). It segfaults due to the fancy splash screen. Intel VT does not support x86 real mode instructions, but AMD virtualization does.
  3. KVM in QEMU emulator mode crashes halfway in installing Ubuntu 7.10. And, it’s super slow and eats up 100% of one core.

Trying the following:

  1. Tried OpenSolaris Indiana preview – also crashes and needs QEMU. X does not start.
  2. Copying a preinstalled Ubuntu vmdk.
  3. Downloading Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04, which is said to have a workaround for the splash problem.

Linux hard drive temp, hibernation
March 10, 2008

Installed smartmontools on Linux. Now I have hard drive temp. 52 degrees! I guess I need a case or some mods to bring that down.

“Hibernate” needs some extra work. The machine doesn’t go back up. It’s probably the NVidia card+driver. Not that important anyway – but it would be critical on a laptop!

March 10, 2008

My experiment with WordPress Prologue was a bit of a success. I was able to post stuff longer than I can in Twitter. But, I still can’t post regular blog entries. Essays, much less.

So, I’m doing the short posts here! I imported my posts from

No need for special atl1 configuration. …
March 10, 2008

No need for special atl1 configuration. While the installer didn’t recognize the LAN, upon boot it was OK. According to some posts, it doesn’t perform well under load. Let’s see. Now enabling compiz (which requires the enhanced nVidia driver). The installer chose the open source “nv” driver.

S.M.A.R.T. hard drive monitoring not wor …
March 10, 2008

S.M.A.R.T. hard drive monitoring not working under Speedfan on Vista. Asus P5K-SE (P35+ICHR9). Concerned because the Seagate Will find out on Linux soon enough. Trying Ubuntu 64-bit – to work best with kvm virtualization. Had to use the text mode “alternate” install. Will need to set up the “atl1” Attansic driver.

Finishing up the installation of my new …
March 9, 2008

Finishing up the installation of my new rig. Just using a generic case with no side fan sense. Need to monitor temperatures to see if this is good enough, or if I need a “branded” case. Also plan to add memory and a hard drive when Moore’s (price) law catches up.

I really can’t restart my blogging groo …
March 7, 2008

I really can’t restart my blogging groove. Time to give it up trying??