Google and PayPal Cause Peso To Strengthen

I’m no economist, but I’d like this to happen. The twin development is all over the Internets – Google Adsense allowing Western Union payments, and PayPal enabling payments to PH accounts (and paying credit cards? how’s that, by crediting?)

So, more money flowing into the Philippines through the Internet Economy. I hope we don’t get “PaypalSucks” type stories, though.


4 Responses

  1. Paypal allows receiving of payments to PH accounts, but to withdraw you still need a US bank account. 😦

  2. I thought you could also “withdraw funds to your credit card.” Anyway, keeping a balance in your PayPal account is fine… if you trust them to hold your money properly!

  3. Ya, in abe’s post, the comments explained that you can withdraw funds to your credit card. Some restrictions apply like some mastercards can’t withdraw.

  4. I still have no Paypal Account hahahaha

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