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The Cuckoo’s Egg: Old School Hacking
February 3, 2007

I found a copy of the Cuckoo’s Egg at the Chapters and Pages overrun bookstore. PhP 150 only. That’s $3 for a pristine copy of the book – thanks to old school printing and binding.

The Cuckoo's Egg

The events transpired in 1986-1987, and the book was released in 1990. Still, it’s fascinating. It reminds me of my old vintage Unix days, which came much later (1994 onward). In 1986-1987 I was still learning IBM PC DOS 2.0 and WordStar, and online networks were just a bit more real than science fiction to me. (I got to read about Compuserve and the like from magazines.)

I did engage those types of Internet users, especially circa 2000. Hey, some of them might even be reading! But I eventually lost interest. It’s very time consuming in terms of actual work done and keeping up with the knowhow.