The Disclosure Meme: The Five Things About Me

I get to join this disclosure meme, thanks to Abe and thanks to Marc! Five secrets about Miguel Paraz that you probably don’t know.

Fear. I fear firecrackers, so none for me this new year. I have never lit one. I guess that saved me some body parts. I fear horror movies for the gory parts. I never watch them.

Ignorance. I don’t have many skills: cooking, car repair and maintenance. I don’t know sports: basketball, bowling, billiards, and even chess. I don’t know how to play any card game.

Mood. I have bipolar disorder. So slow me down when I’m hyper, and catch me if my ideas are flying!

Femininity. No, not what you might be thinking! I take pride in my nice, girly handwriting. I feel I have a strong feminine side.

Satisfaction. I have stereotypical feminine food tastes: I don’t like meat, but I love carbs and sweets too much, especially baked goods. I also developed the strange habit of eating with one hand only, either a fork or spoon alone. (Which is good since it slows down my eating.)

The next five: Jerome, Kates, seav, Noemi, and Ka Edong. Spread the meme!


13 Responses

  1. Migs, re: #2, it’s never too late to take up card games…poker nights na!

  2. I got hooked on card games before. I stopped when I realized I am getting any better and I’m literally giving my school allowance to my playmates.

    Baka sa susunod na meetup makapunta na talaga ako at makapaglaro ng cards.

  3. […] I got tagged by Migs from this meme. I’ve never done much of these things before, but I guess there’s always a first time for everything. So here it is, 5 things you probably don’t know about me! […]

  4. don’t know much about you guys,,,except for marc. sorry for barging in. just felt the urge to say it.

    i feel lucky i grew up as a homeboy with good old capabilities of smelling like a carabao in the middle of the rice filed sun.

    i can play just about any card game (including “cara cruz”)an old coin game until i smell like carabao when i go home.

    nah, much too many to mention here…
    thanks for the space anyway (in advance).

  5. I also eat with one hand, specially when I’m not at home. But I don’t think it has slowed down my eating. Haha 😉

  6. I don’t know… I really have slow pickup for any game or sport. I’ll just watch!

    kid, nice top know I am not the only one.

  7. […] This is a bit late. Migs tagged me three days ago. One reason was the crippling internet connectivity by my DSL provider. Another was I can’t think of 5 things about me that would get anybody interested. Here are the best I can think of for now. […]

  8. I’ve now responded to this meme on my blog ( 🙂

  9. […] Five secrets about me that you probably don’t know Migs has been tagging me for this “Disclosure meme” since last week. It’s about time I blog about something..anything. I’ve been out of the loop lately because I’m brimming with joy over a pleasant twist of events. It seems when I’m obsessed over these unusual turn of events, I get “manic” according to my husband. I’ll talk more about it next week when the deal is final. (Hint: One of my New Year Goals) […]

  10. A year and a half later, I finally did this disclosure meme 😀 .

    What you been up to lately, migs?

  11. […] your stuff is made much easier if someone asks you questions. I remember the old interview meme. I did not remember it just like that. Instead, WordPress told me that I got a new […]

  12. any advice on what to do? i sure do hate for the game to stop

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