Does anyone make 3G video calls?

The Nokia 6233 and some 3G phones have no front camera.

I never made a video call on the N80. Then I lost it.

I still haven’t made a video call on the N70.

Are video calls the new MMS? (Apologies to the MMS users and developers…)


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  1. Even if I have a 3G phone, I don’t see myself using the video calls. I don’t even use videocams in chats but I see younger people use the video more. So probably the feature will be in widespread use when 3G phones are generally affordable.

    I was using MMS. Problem was during that time it’s way too expensive to use.

  2. The problem with 3G handsets is the awkward style of handling it when doing a 3G call. It is not natural, not to mention quite tiring to hold a phone in front of you with your arms hanging so that the other party would be able to see you clearly (compare it with the usual way of holding the handset towards your ear). Also, the handset is prone to receive a lot of noise from the environment with the microphone far away from the speaker. However, a hands-free kit or a bluetooth earpiece would fix this, but not everyone uses them.

  3. my friends and i do video calls when we’re in boracay or in a party trying to get our other friends envious 😉

  4. Thanks for the info.

    MMS is pretty cheap now, the operators need to promote their expanded data capacity, but I guess it’s too late to make MMS part of pop culture.

    Nice point on the UI, I never thought of that.

  5. I have tried 3G calls. Works great. Since I downgraded to a simpler Nokia 1100 though, I’ve no idea how it is nowadays. I think the cheapest 3G video phone is still around 10K pesos. Still pretty heavy for the teens who might actually want to use it.

  6. I’ve just got a 3G Video Phone and i really want to use it.

    Problem is i don’t know anyone who has one. i even tried to video call the customer service number but it wouldn’t work.

    Ideal would be some single women who want to just play about. Any idea where i can get numbers of girls who want to video call?

  7. Seeking single girls to video call? Sounds like a startup idea!

  8. The video call is not only for video conference, you can use it to access contents and services just dialing a number.

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