If You Can’t Blog, Get Interviewed

Thanks to Keith Rull! He interviewed me as the first Pinoy developer in his interview series.

Things I’d like to add: to get to do stuff, you need to put in a lot of hard work – and often, you’ll think about the road not taken. And, nostalgic oldtimers might be surprised when I say that the kids of today have it better. I must add – that’s why expect much much more of them, and then get disappointed.

Sharing your stuff is made much easier if someone asks you questions. I remember the old interview meme. I did not remember it just like that. Instead, WordPress told me that I got a new comment.

Now, I am restarting my blogging once more.


2 Responses

  1. hehehe ….
    that was from me!
    so let me scoot over to that post and … Interview me!

  2. Yes ka edong,
    I will think of a good set of questions for you.

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