wanted: writing help

11 days into the new year, and I’m struggling. I need your help in getting my blog started again.

I know I have a lot of things to write about, but I need more convincing. Or encouragement.

If you know me, please suggest a topic that you know I could write about. Or ask a question.

Help me remove my self-censorship filters, too.


12 Responses

  1. Your progress on detechifying could be a start, I think.

  2. Good idea! I’lll post an update when something significant occurs. So far, I believe I’m making progress.

  3. How about…blogging about your family life.

  4. Books you’re reading. What keeps you up at night. Social life (or the lack of it — heh).

  5. How about writing about the stuff you’re sharing from Google Reader? 🙂

  6. you can write like how you commented this morning at breakfast.

    INQ Headline: GMA names herself anti-narcotics chief.
    MPARAZ: “Sya na ang manghuhuli”.


  7. Hi Migs,

    Like you, I’m having major difficulty getting myself to blog for real. I appreciated that list you shared with the books for a “personal MBA” of sorts, for whatever it’s worth.

    Cheers and good luck!

  8. marie,
    writing about personal/family life is something I’m not comfortable with.

    Books I’m reading – yes, I am reading something substantial now, but not making much progress. I also plan to write about the books I read in Safari Books Online. Social life – if and when something interesting (and not personal) happens – that’s right, more of the lack of it, now!

    Yes, I should expound on Google Reader shares and Twitter Tweets. I’ll review them.

    I fail at humor!

    Thanks! Let’s blog!

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  10. I’m going to take it easy on myself. I think I’ve been too obsessive-compulsive that I need to write. It’s good because it makes me aware that I should develop other parts of myself, but bad because I feel bad about it.

  11. Hey, you just posted a blog! 😀 Which means, you can post practically anything what crossed your mind. “I can’t write blogs, I’m gonna write about it!”

  12. Writing anything that crosses my mind won’t make a good blog… I need some level of quality here.

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