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“Writing more” is the first 2009 resolution I made. I’m now trying to live it up by blogging, again.

I have been writing in the past weeks, on paper notebooks. The idea is to refine and publish them online, but that hasn’t happened. This practice is effective in clearing my head, the only useful practice I picked from Allen’s Getting Things Done (which I’ve only read a month or so ago.)

I also thought my Twitter tweets would be useful as  blog posts when expanded, but it hasn”t happened.

What to write: if I continue this blog, I feel that it will take a turn away from tech and towards more eclectic set of topics. I’m not comfortable with blogging personal stuff – not because I don’t like sharing (I do that on Twitter) but because I feel it’s a vain thing to do. If I overcome that handicap, personal posts willl appear here. Less tech because I feel I’m making a shift away from doing tech stuff in my personal/free time.

How to write: I find that being self-conscious has hampered  my previous attempts at blogging. I had to make it live up some high standards I set for myself. No more. I shall let go.

I hope to keep this up!


5 Responses

  1. It’s one of my resolutions as well: to write better. I’ve been writing on paper notebooks (still working on a square-grid Moleskine I got last year) but mostly just random thoughts, nothing coherent for now. But that moment of “epiphany” will come. 😉

    Good luck!

  2. They say – just keep on writing!

    I never got one of those fancy notebooks, though – perhaps I could justify it if/when I’m “real writer.”

  3. I write even if I’m an awful writer. I just persevere and, voila, 40 orig articles in my site.

  4. My problem is not writing skill, it’s the motivation. Or passion.

  5. hai
    ive red ur article,
    hehe wla lng
    im not a writer but i love writing

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