I will forever associate the word “Bittersweet” with Marc Almond. That 1988 song is stuck in my head thanks to the NU 107/99.5 RT of that era, mixed with the a killer melody and lyrics that tempt you – “Let’s Go To Paradise Jack.” Ultimately nonsensical but filling for the moment.

Just like that, memories of my 1995-2002 ISP career haunt me.

Jim Ayson reminded me of this because of his post on the Philippine Cyberspace Review, with some significant but mostly forgotten Internet history information.

I once blogged that I will share more of my personal experiences. But I still feel the time isn’t right. I just have too much regret over missed opportunities and what-could-have-been. The bitter. On the other hand this was a career and life-changing six years. The sweet. Need one to have the other.

But I’ll leave the stories for the planned EB, if the stars on that night shine right.


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  1. Hi Migs,

    The bygone era of ISP pioneers (1994/1995), I can still remember myself setting and putting up everything from scratch( BBS and ISP in one). CYBERNET has become one of my cherished memories as I and my colleagues have to get things done pronto. Even the Internet then doesn’t offer how-to build an ISP from scracth. 🙂 Information of several Internet technologies are very few and precious. Even local VAR doesn’t even know how to the Internet works.

    It was sweet and bitter, I learned a lot from my CyberNet days, business and technical wise. But as the saying goes, you always find arrows at the back of the pioneers.

    I can still feel mine.

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