What Page Represents You?

What Page Represents You? What is your homepage?

In the 90’s, it was a Geocities or Tripod.com page, or an ISP-hosted ~page. With links, pictures, about me, and blinkie-blinkie things.

In the 2000s, this became a blog. With blogrolls, pages, and then widgets.

But for those who are not defined by their blog, what should their page be now?

That is what I ask myself. What do I do with my domain? This blog barely represents me, so I shouldn’t point it there anymore.

How about my lifestream? There’s friendfeed. I could redirect it to my friendfeed. But it doesn’t paint a complete picture of what I do online. How about posts on other sites (famous only in the Philippines?) like Multiply? How about posts to online forums and mailing lists/Yahoo! groups. They represent me, and they are public. But they remain scattered in a million pieces around the web.

What page represents you?


One Response

  1. Wow, I recall happily creating 3d buttons with Xara creator… purple navigation buttons. And frames! And webrings! I miss my old fansites… webpages were for fun, not for business.
    For me, it’s probably still mariecasas.com even though I haven’t written there for a long time. My heart is still in spreading financial literacy.

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