The Global Conversation

I’ve been thinking how to restart this blog – or if it is possible at all. Should I just give up?

On the other hand, I’ve been busy twittering. It’s easy to blame Twitter for the lack of blogging output. But, I actually post a lot online. Much of it is in forums and email. The difference? There is a conversation.

In contrast, the blog is more of “post an idea” – like an essay, or article. In the past I thought I would be able to keep up blogging article-style. I failed.
I need to make this blog conversational, to make it alive.

How do people keep the blog conversations running? One way is through comments. Another is by continuing the conversations on other blogs. I do read a lot of other blogs (well, mostly tech/industry) but I don’t form an idea strong and coherent enough to post a complete article in response.

I should get there. I must join this blog with the global conversation.


One Response

  1. Sometimes doing nothing can help you get those ideas running. joining other communities can also help, for example, find out what’s the latest trends on youtube community.

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