Tech Update

Unfortunately, I can’t post the best and most interesting tech I’m up to, since it’s work related and I can’t share a single clue as to what I’m up to. Really secret stuff.

Instead, let me tell you about the tech stuff I do in my own time:

  • Beta testing Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron
  • Using kvm Kernel Virtualization, and comparing it with VMware. Soon going to try Virtualbox
  • Trying OSX86 on different PC’s. Already got it working on my Acer 4710Z laptop, but in my desire to achieve the proper 1280×800 resolution instead of 1024×768, I trashed it and the graphics system no longer starts. Will try to fix it still.
  • Trying to get back into open source development, especially in Java. Still frustrated that I – and Pinoys – use a lot of open source but don’t give back.
  • Planning further PC upgrades. Will probably add another hard drive to my desktop for a RAID0 setup. Might get a “branded” case like a Lian Li.
  • Reading a lot on my Safari Books account. Read some tech classics. Read a .NET programming book – but haven’t gotten started. Reading EJB3, just in case I need it. Reading about the Linux kernel details, so that I know what I’m working with under the hood.
  • Thinking about how to earn from Adsense and online ads again – without spending too much time on it. It’s not really passive income if you spend too much time working on it and thinking about it.

2 Responses

  1. I am appealing to the Pinoy blogging community to blog and write about this one and this one.

    She was murdered, but the perpetrator has chosen to spend his money covering up the truth about her death instead of paying her her long-term payment bonus which amounts to approx HK$ 150,000.

    It is vile, selfish and gruesome. Thanks for your help, Migs.

  2. I meant;action=sendtopic;topic=1208136190 and the url on my recent twitter update. Thanks, Migs!

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