Virtualization Updates

The host is Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, still in bleeding edge alpha (and hundreds of megabytes of updates).

  • OSX86 on kvm or qemu – no go immediately on boot.
  • OSX86 on VMware – stuck on boot.
  • OpenSolaris Indiana Preview 2 – Runs in kvm, but Cirrus Logic emulated VGA is not supported. Forcing VESA mode just blanks out the screen. Tried using VMware to install, success. Tried to boot the VMware disk image using kvm, reboots immediately after choosing the kernel. Tried forcing 32-bit kernel, no go. Will try Solaris Express Developer Edition instead.
  • FreeBSD 7.0 64-bit – flawless. Of course there’s no X configuration (by default), and I don’t think I need it. I have no idea what I will use FreeBSD for.

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  1. […] not supported, and I don’t want to stick in a PCI card. I’d rather get it to work with virtualization, which did not work […]

  2. To add to Indiana: There is an option to run the gui-installer by setting the X DISPLAY – the –display option. I edited the hosts’s gdm.conf to enable TCP listening (DisableTCP option) since Ubuntu (or GNOME) disables it by default.

    But, the installer doesn’t show its display on the host. Other X programs (e.g. xterm) do.

    Having no graphics is fine with me since I will run OpenSolaris inside a VM – for my current use case.

  3. FreeBSD 7 is actually shiny! The current iteration has some interesting performance related architecture changes.

    No, am not a FreeBSD fanboy.

    FreeBSD rocks!!!!!! 🙂

    No, am not a FreeBSD fanboy.

  4. I’m sure the FreeBSD architecture is shiny inside. Do suggest what to test!

  5. check this out.

    basically, they got the SMP support spot on now. will be doing some tests regarding postgres performance on the freebsd 7. lets see if the improvements would show even on the lowly dual cores. TCP enhancements would rock for us packet junkies. 🙂


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