NetBeans Notes

Is the NetBeans blogging contest a SEO scheme from Sun?

I have nothing contest-worthy to say, so I’ll just list what I’ve been doing in NetBeans:

  • Installed NetBeans 6.1 beta, the full edition, in Windows Vista. Installed JDK6 Update 5 as well.
  • The Look and Feel is a bit Vista-like, but not enough to look native.
  • Started on a little project. Learned different shortcuts as I am using Eclipse for the most part.
  • Biggest annoyance: New Class is still very sparse: no option to select interfaces to implement, superclasses, and access level. You need to type these in in the code, the traditional way.
  • Installed the same version, in Ubuntu Linux. First tried OpenJDK, installed through apt-get.
  • The core NetBeans installed, but GlassFish did not since there is an incompatibility – something to do with keytool.
  • Installed sun-java6-jdk and ran the installer again. It continued with GlassFish.
  • NetBeans on OpenJDK+Linux looks terrible. The fonts are bad. Sun JDK looks better.

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