Linux setup status

Linux setup pending problems:

  1. No CPU/system temperature from ACPI. (Ironically, hard drive temp is available but not in Windows.)
  2. Ubuntu 7.10 installer is not compatible with KVM (Kernel Virtualization). It segfaults due to the fancy splash screen. Intel VT does not support x86 real mode instructions, but AMD virtualization does.
  3. KVM in QEMU emulator mode crashes halfway in installing Ubuntu 7.10. And, it’s super slow and eats up 100% of one core.

Trying the following:

  1. Tried OpenSolaris Indiana preview – also crashes and needs QEMU. X does not start.
  2. Copying a preinstalled Ubuntu vmdk.
  3. Downloading Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04, which is said to have a workaround for the splash problem.

3 Responses

  1. Your title should read “Ubuntu setup status”. Linux includes super computers, Mars rovers and many mobile devices. Hardy Heron is still in development which means you can expect trouble. Stick with Ubuntu 7.10 or try PCLinuxOS (Gnome version if you like). Ubuntu is not Linux, it’s A Linux. You’ll find excellent help on the Ubuntu forums. Google also works well if you’re good at it.

  2. Hi Richard, yes that’s right it’s about Ubuntu. I should have said “My Linux setup status.”

    I’m going to try Hardy Heron anyway, because I like testing new stuff. I already have it running inside VMware on my Windows laptop.

  3. Hi, got a quick Q, does this mean it’s really practical to use virtualization than having a dual boot system?


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