two thousand and eight common era

Plenty of New Years’ posts, so I should also break the silence.

How I’m starting 2008: Work. January 1 is a regular working day where I’m at. And very busy, too.

Things I did the most in 2007: Spent about half the year working on my onshore outsourced project. Gain a good bit of experience.

What I failed to do in 2007: build my own website or Facebook application, and make lots of ad money.

What I should do less in 2008: Eat and drink sweets. Envy and self-pity.

What I should do more in 2008: Write – in this blog, and elsewhere. Exercise – must find a way. Learn new human languages and review those I have learned before. Programming languages, the same.

What I want to be in 2008: more cultured, educated, and skilled.


7 Responses

  1. I should do the same too. Eat ad drink less sweets. I’m diabetic na nga, Happy New Year Migs. Hope you attain what you want in 2008.

  2. New year’s resolutions not labeled as such? 🙂

    Well, happy new year and good luck this 2008!

  3. Yeah exercise damn gyms made plenty of money off me already… now if we can only combine exercise and surfing/blogging, know of any gyms ?

  4. Noemi,
    Actually, I’m not decided on what I want – perhaps only in the most general terms. Maybe I should post about that. For the sweets, I’m trying my best to cut down on the good stuff here.

    I “should” – resolutions are “must” or “required.” That said, I never made New Year’s resolutions.

    I don’t see how surfing/blogging can be done in a gym. Direct brain-computer interface?

  5. I think it’s possible on a treadmill… I know there was this barbershop where you could surf while having a haircut…

  6. But you don’t move while getting a haircut.

  7. Learn spanish! 🙂

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