I used to be a music lover. I used to play in bands. But no more.

I have no iPod – no portable music player of any kind.

I have to play music out loud. That often is socially unacceptable.

Ear pain is to blame. I can’t stand sound piped into my ear. I no longer tolerate amplified music. I had my hearing checked – it’s fine. So I don’t know for sure what causes my ear problem. It could be the side effect of the lithium I take.

Sometimes I just want to listen, so I have to make a sacrifice. The listening is fine; the pain and ringing comes after.


8 Responses

  1. That sucks. Ano yan, tinnitus? My wife has that constantly in one ear (she is deaf on that ear, her nerve endings curled after it got infected way back).

  2. I get tinnitus occasionally, but it’s no big deal when I’m not exposed to loud sounds. When I’m exposed, it’s a combination of tinnitus ringing plus pain.

  3. You don’t happen to have vertigo and hearing loss as well, right?

  4. No doc, I have neither vertigo nor hearing loss.

  5. Ok. At least we know it’s not Meniere’s Disease – that bugger that did Mr. Van Gogh in.

  6. I read up on Meniere’s. No, I don’t have it that bad.

    Incidentally, Wikipedia’s “on this day” told me that Van Gogh cut his ear on 23 December, 1888.

  7. are there other alternatives for lithium? it’s really frustrating if it affects your hearing that bad, since you used to be a musician.

  8. If there are alternatives, they’re probably expensive. Lithium is very cheap.

    Of course it sucks that I can’t play drums anymore. I should look for other instruments to play.

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