Sweetness Addiction

I’m now trying to cure my sweetness addiction. I don’t smoke, and drink alcohol rarely. Mostly, I’m addicted to carbohydrates and simple sugars. Combining these with caffeine and chocolate are a bonus. I make excuses to eat them.

Why am I posting this? I need to come clean. Or perhaps seek support. It’s hard, but I’m not growing younger and I have diabetes in my genes. I need to watch out.

I need to add: food blog envy. Wishing I had the time and money to eat all the stuff mentioned in Pinoy food blogs! Not just sweets. Anything.


4 Responses

  1. Start with “Hi I’m Migs, I’m a sweetness addict.” LOL. It’s really hard to stop eating sweets though, but my tonsils usually just scream STOP! And that’s what makes me stop. Good luck!

  2. Good, you have something to stop you! I have never experienced tonsil trouble due to sweets. What stops me is when I go dizzy, or the taste is too much.

  3. well like you I am a sweetness addict. I don’t have any other vices except eating sweets. The sad thing is I am a diabetic and I need to stop eating sweets.

    While still young, just keep an exercise routine if you intend to keep eating sweets. It’s not too late Migs.

  4. Oh, and I’m also too lazy to exercise. Ever since birth. I never learned to play ANY team sport – what I had to learn (like for school) was hard to do.

    The only physical thing I like doing is walking, and only if I’m going somewhere.

    A topic for another day…

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