Silicon Valley Envy

Some time ago I was writing on the “Silicon Valley in the Philippines” theme. I was going through a “Silicon Valley Envy” phase. I wished I were part of the culture – not just the tech, but hanging out with people I read in tech blogs.

Time passed and I did not magically get transplanted to Silicon Valley. So I guess I need to work on it and not just wish. Can I work there as an employee? Probably, with some life changes of course. Can I start up? Now that’s tough, and the subject of another discussion.

One source of angst is that I had a startup before – in what I called my previous career – and it didn’t work out. It’s not a failure on my part, and it’s not viewed as such, but I still tend to think “what could have been.” On the other hand, if I had continued along that path, I won’t be doing software development and the rest of the things I do.


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  1. Hmmmm… kaya mo yan… just do it 🙂

  2. Migz,

    I’ve started talking to the people who own the tech blogs in the .NET blog via twitter. It’s great — many of them are quite hilarious, and they share many of the same problems so you don’t get the feeling that they’re “way up there” above you.

  3. Meaning… even if they are in Silicon Valley or another tech hub, they are still not superstars or fabulously wealthy!

  4. There is an advantage to not having done it in the sense that you get to keep your “idealized” image of Silicon Valley. Think of all the famous people you admire only to meet them and turn out they’re jerks…

  5. Interesting way of putting it, Ordnacin. But you are pessimistic sir!

  6. @Ordnacin That reminds me of the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. Having browsed through “The Apple Way” book, I guess Silicon Valley isn’t totally perfect but I think it’d be great to have that we-can-change-and-start-new-things vibe.

  7. Marie, yup having that change-the-world vibe would be great though if you ask John Sculley he might rather sell sugared water instead 😉

    BTW Migs, you should have a subscribe to comments in your blog…

  8. […] three-year itch about the idea of having our own version of the Silicon Valley in the Philippines. Migs started the discussion just over 2 years ago and has been revived by Marie of Pinoy Web […]

  9. I wish I never gotten involved with Linux99. it didn’t do me any good.

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