Writing better, writing more often

So I’ve been going emo over my lack of innovation. I have figured a way out. A workaround.

I’ve been frustrated over what I couldn’t do in the tech field. A solution is to find something else to do. Something related to this blog. Writing.

I haven’t been writing much prose. I only write technical specifications for work, and blogging for you, the reader. (And of course I haven’t been blogging enough.) My technical blogging is limited. I don’t want to blog anything remotely related to what I work on. Instead, the tech I blog about is stuff that I find fun or significant. I moved the “hard” topics to another blog. I want to keep this blog for personal insights. And for essay-type blogging.

That is the main reason why I haven’t been blogging here enough. I wanted to reserve this blog for article and essay-type posts. I wanted to reach the level of the influential bloggers and tech essayists whose works stand the test of time. But now, I realize I’m not there yet. I need to improve.

I got some writing help. Hopefully, this blog will show results. This blog should warm me up to writing longer pieces, more literary, even.

The first piece of advice in essay writing I got was to write the essay as if it were a personal letter to myself. I’ll apply that to the blog. As a letter, I should be more casual and just let the words come out. I am doing that right now, instead of carefully considering every word. But, I can’t sustain writing like this if the limit is the time I’m on the PC.

I need to take down my thoughts and write down notes. The writer spends their waking time thinking of what to write about – in the same way the programmer thinks of new ways of solving problems.

So I go forward with writing better and writing more often as a goal. I may not declare my 101 goals in public (like Sacha Chua’s goals, assuming even I could even come up with that many. Now if I were as logical as her…)

People are joining the NaNoWriMo this November. Perhaps I should join them, in writing essays. Hope I could do this.


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  1. I saw the very first goal in Sacha’s list: “Be in the top 10% of people in my profession at my level.” How modest! I actually think she’s at the top 1% already at her level! That girl is a very prolific geek! And ditto on another one of her goals: “Go for day at spa. (Just to see what it’s like!)” Hehehe.

    Wow, you’re in a blogging burst this past week on your two blogs. Keep it up! And yes, writing as if to yourself is a really good way to get those blog posts coming. For some posts, having a informal outline also helps; for Vista Pinas, I often copy-and-paste significant factoids into the textbox, rearrange them into a coherent order, then rewrite and expound on the details.

  2. Well, only one person could be Sacha!

    Thanks for the writing tip. I don’t have problems forming the outline into an article. It’s the concept that I have had trouble with.

    Another thing I need to learn is how to creatively express the thoughts in my head that I won’t publish in their raw form. Too much emo and angst there! hehe.

  3. Hi Migs,

    Writing about technology can be fun and frustrating. One thing I’ve learned through the years of blogging (it’s been, what 3 years or so?!), it’s best to engage readers in a conversation, just like what you did in this post. I realized this eventually when people reacted to some personal postings I made in the past. I think people will appreciate your entries if it comes from the heart, er, mind. Favorite tech bloggers that come to mind are David Pogue, Digital Inspiration, among others. Writing from the hip also helps.

  4. That’s right – conversations – now I remember that I read “Naked Conversations” by Scoble and Israel. That also means I will get some blog post ideas from comments. Thanks!

  5. Looking forward Migs. 🙂

  6. Nice to see you back writing again Migs!

    Like they always say, the best way around any stumbling blocks to writing is to simply write again. It may sound weird, but it does work.

  7. Thanks! Now to write again this weekend.

    I got too busy during the work week to think about writing.

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  9. […] are some stumbling blocks to writing better and more often. I need to resolve these issues to move […]

  10. the most difficult thing about writing is not the writing itself, but pondering, forming, what you want to write there in your mind — after that the outline just makes itself known.

    the discipline of writing is being disciplined about thinking about you want to write… excruciating…that part.. so writers either postpone it or try all vain attempts to distract oneself from the task at hand, which is to think.. you’re right not to write what come to mind in raw form. creating is about combining ideas, throwing some away and digesting, then allow the form to take over —

    after this, the writing is so damn easy…

  11. @Eugene, Migs: You make me blush. =)

    Writing becomes easier if you think about it as a conversation, which it really is. Write and write and write, and eventually you’ll figure out how to say what you want to say.

  12. Hey migs, your blog is very different now. I like it better now. 😀

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