Product and Technology Innovation

One great frustration I have with myself is that I can’t think of an original product to build.

So while I urge people to build “the next hot product,” and put up “the next hot Pinoy startup” (a topic I’ve discussed in the past), I find myself unable to follow my own advice. To this end I’ve studied different technologies that could help me “build something better,” but to this day all that’s done for me is getting to know more technologies in a deeper way. Which is what has interested me ever since I got into tech.

It’s fortunate that I get employed and make a career out of building things for people who have either: the product ideas, or the relationships with those who have got the ideas and those who need them. And permutations thereof.

I’ve been working in tech for a long enough time, so I think I’m OK with the technology innovation. I need to be content with my own lack of product innovation. I must stop thinking that I am a failure for not having accomplished what I set out to do. Perhaps I can build products in a vicarious way – by helping those who have the bright idea plus the interest and means to execute it.


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  1. Well, I once had an idea for a product based on my wordpress plugin. I slept on it until twitter came out.

  2. Sorry to hear that. That’s why they say that timely execution is as/more important than a great idea.

  3. Take your time and don’t obsess over the ‘next hot product’. Instead, develop something you enjoy using, and that will be useful to others.

    The best product ideas have humble beginnings born out of its creator’s passion. Small steps leading to bigger steps.

  4. Sometimes I think it is our own (over)exposure to technology that hinders us from product innovation. There is a tendency to look at the limitations too much — a tendency not suffered by the idea churners who do not see the “buts” and see only the possibilities.

  5. just launched a new product i been working on during my spare time. don’t know if its going to be hot or not, but i don’t care 😉 i just hope that people will find it useful.

    check it out:

  6. rob,
    Thanks, I’m taking a step back.

    A reminder that tech people don’t “always know best!”

    Building a company out of this product?

  7. miguel,
    i intend to start a company out of it. currently on a lookout for content partners, bloggers… anyone interested?
    email me at: info[at]feedclix[dot]com

  8. same here, i’m also hoping that my ideas catch fire and become the next hot startup!

  9. Good luck and all the best, Pinoy Technopreneurs!

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