IT Globalization: A Two Way Street

A curious pair of stories coming from the same interview:

In the first article, Fermin Taruc wears his Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) hat and complains about an effect of globalization. There is job mobility for the Filipino programmers, who can move to Singapore and meet the demand there.

In the second article, Taruc wears his business hat, as Managing Director of a software firm – Gurango Software. This company has been busy acquiring foreign companies and moving their back offices to the Philippines. This is globalization as well, this time in his company’s favor. What about those people abroad (in the US I guess) who lose their jobs due to this move?

Personally I think the answer to “losing people” to Singapore and other places is developing the Philippine talent pool. I put the “losing” in quotes since when IT professionals move abroad, they may be lost to the company who used to employ them, but still may be a net gain as they pick up experience and skills from situations unavailable in the Philippines. Even if they don’t come back home, physically, they still have influence over the Filipino developer community.


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  1. yes that is right! let’s thank all those Filipino developers abroad who still are active in pinoyjug!

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