I Give Up. Indefinite Blog Leave.

I’ve been saying – I’ll revive this blog. I’ll think of something to write. But nothing.

Many things to blame it on. Twitter – so easy to post one liners. Facebook – a lot of time goes in there now. Other blogs – it’s so easy to comment there instead. Work – there goes my concentration.

I’d like to write but inspiration doesn’t come. I haven’t been posting here anyway. I might as well admit it, my blogging muse has left.


10 Responses

  1. Perhaps when you come back from Haifa, Migz 🙂

  2. I actually have more free time to blog while I’m here in Haifa. But no, I’d rather do the things above… and some other work for stuff back home.

  3. Nooo!! 😀
    If I make you a new WP theme will that inspire you?

  4. Yeah, I noticed that effect of Twitter and Facebook on me early on too. Twitter and Facebook are low-hanging writing fruits, so its easy to have them as outlets instead of blogging.

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  6. I have shifted from blogging/writing to public speaking in both English and Mandarin at that. It is a lot more fun since I do get applauded. 🙂

  7. Noel,
    Save the theme for my blogging comeback!

    For me having Twitter for writing is fine. I just need to come up with long, Joel on Software / Paul Graham type posts here. I wish!

    I don’t write on Facebook, I just
    waste time there.

    Mandarin Toaster,
    I should try that.

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  9. See?!? This is why I hate Twitter. Down with it I say! 😆

  10. would you to build the next fancy web 3.0-ish site? Lol

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