Interviews and Building my About Page

I was interviewed, then interviewed other bloggers. They replied:

(Waiting for Rico. Hey it’s my turn to ask questions!)

Now, Jayvee points out the need to update the About page. My own About page is very bare. I don’t know how to describe myself. It’s much easier to do that in corporate profiles where we can make things about me sound really good. I want my About page to be honest. Perhaps the stuff in my LinkedIn profile can be a start, but which of those are relevant?

Perhaps it should be a FAQ? Ask me something here, fun or serious, and I’ll answer.

I’d like to find out more about you as well. Tell me something about yourself. I got this idea from Noemi’s Tell Me More About You.


11 Responses

  1. I don’t even have an about page. Hehehe. But I already have a plan to create one in the near future.

  2. hi migs,
    how are u… miss the gang…

  3. […] Migs asked a question: “How do you build an about me page?” I say build it in such a way that you start with the most important vocation that you do. Write it in such a way that it will be (or you want it to be) more or less the same in the next 3 to 5 years. […]

  4. What made you realize the potential of the Internet even though it was, like, the early 90s? 🙂

  5. Migs,

    I’m doing a writing project regarding the recent murder of Musa Dimasidsing, the district supervisor who was shot dead, he was the election official who exposed the election fraud and other anomalies in Maguindanao.

    I hope you can join the the writing project and write a blog post on your reaction, I will link to your post, and I will collect the links everyday and post them up on a single blog post. This starts Wednesday up until Sunday.

    You can read about the writing project on my recent post and also find out how you can join. I hope everyone can join, and let’s make our voices heard, let’s stand up for the heroism of Musa and hope that his death does not go in vain.

  6. Rico,
    That’s enough topic for a new post!

    The short version: I first used the Net, and then hacked on it, at AdMU. And, I wasn’t among the first generation of net techies, even if many people think so.

    Sorry I’m politically apathetic!

  7. No need to apologize.. Apathy has become the norm these days. I hope you would reconsider however, it’s not political but more of a social concern…

    Either way, I hope your apathy turns around… I can certainly use your point of view on certain issues.

  8. I’d like to add, that murder and death is not political at all. Apathy breeds Impunity, and maybe we should not be apathetic to certain issues… In the end, the important issues of the day, even in technology, always end up at the doorstep of politics.

    But, anyway, I’ve taken up more than enough of your time here. I appreciate the consideration anyway.

  9. If you dont have the time, you can add the interview questions to your about page. Well, it is a start.

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  11. Nick, thanks for pointing out the social aspects. Thus, my followup post.

    Good idea. The about page could be “ask me a question.”

    I missed your comment. Hi!!

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