Startups and Geek Job Satisfaction

Joel (a software developer) wrote about
criteria for geek job satisfaction. I noted that he left out work-life balance, to which he replied, he never had a problem with that.

That’s good for him, since work-life balance is a common – even stereotypical – tech working problem. I myself have always had a balance, but it’s mostly out of choice. Since I started my career in my own startup, even after I left and got employed (by other startups!) I still had that startup mentality. I guess startups seek to employ people who are willing to imbalance their life versus work, for some greater reward (hopefully for real.)

I can see another geek criterion in action. I’m now working abroad – onshore outsourcing – in a more “advanced” country. Here they can give away some things for free, and have a better physical working environment than the typical Pinoy IT firm. Not the computers, but the floor space and desks, and private offices for many. Needless to say, this is something I’d like to look at when I get home.

How come more Pinoy companies don’t spend more on these? One thing would be the lack of cash, from the lack of capital for companies. Another is that for the typical company who is not outsourcing, they earn less money per person in absolute terms, compared to their foreign counterparts. Nevertheless, I have read experiences where benefits are cheaper to provide than a higher cash salary, especially when recruiting.


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  1. I just posted something on my blog which is related to keeping geeks happy in their jobs 🙂 You can read here. Let me know what you think!

  2. Hey Migz, will you be home by November? We’ll be doing an FHM Show for the Homecoming so spread the word. I am in charge of tickets!

  3. The problem with some Filipinos in general is they tend to regard themselves too high and mighty. Ive met some of those programmers who absolutely will not listen to other people. If they don’t want the salary, crap resign. If they don’t get promoted, crap resign. I’m just afraid that in the long run foreign companies might give up on us, “look Indians can program too, Indians know how to speak in English, Indians are cheaper, what is the Filipino advantage then?”

  4. […] Criteria for Geek Job Satisfaction. Then Gabusch adds tips on keeping creative people happy. I had some thoughts on it as well comparing the developer situation in the Philippines and abroad (within my limited experience of […]

  5. A close-to-home suburban office, around 10-15 minute drive with little or no traffic is among the tops as my requirement for work-life balance. The problem is that companies with suburban addresses may be regarded as fly-by-night. The solution is to maintain a Makati or Ortigas front office and put the rest elsewhere where it is cheaper. Parking is free too.

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