Feels Great to be Pinoy

Nobody has tagged me, but I wanted to answer Marc’s Feels Great to be Pinoy post, now that I’m out of the country.

What are the 3 signs you see happening now that make you say, “it feels great to be Pinoy”

  1. We might feel bad about our country having the same problems over and over again, but when you’re in other countries – hey they’ve got some of the same problems as ours (especially those to do with politics), and some our worse. And some countries like to cause trouble in other countries. At least our problems, we keep to ourselves.
  2. As in Marc’s post, having more work available, whether fulltime employed or DIY. Increasing confidence in the Philippines (regardless of what the US$ PhP rate is) leads to more
    opportunities, as people abroad are willing to send work to our country.
  3. For those who go abroad: for work (OFWs), or migration – many look at the Filipino Diaspora as a bad thing. I don’t. It’s spreading Pinoy Culture and making it more influential. It could be a reason for confidence in the Philippines. Now if only we could make Filipino food more popular -that’s another story!

More replies on the web: Aileen Apolo and Andrew de la Serna.


2 Responses

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