Six Quirks

I haven’t felt like blogging lately, so here’s a light post to satisfy being tagged by Karla and Rico.

  1. I have bipolar disorder. A lot of my quirks comes from that!
  2. I have short attention span in watching video, whether on TV or on the PC. Or movies. Unless it’s documentary, because…
  3. I’m not interested in fiction. I barely read or watch it. On the other hand, I am obsessed in learning facts and trivia. I started reading encyclopedia and news at a very young age. Thus, my addiction to Wikipedia.
  4. I like getting lost in new places and then finding my way. It helps that I like walking.
  5. I “eat like a girl,” so they say. I don’t like meat, steaks and the like. I like pasta, cake cookies and all kinds of sweets. Especially those with chocolate.
  6. I drink lots of water, alone. But I can eat a full meal without drinking anything. I can swallow up to 3 or so tablets or capsules of medicine standalone.

Now who to tag? I can’t think of anyone in particular… how about Pinoy Tech Scene folks? I see there are some new bloggers onboard. Introduce yourselves!


8 Responses

  1. Number 4 must suit your Wikipedia-mania; I love losing myself in the links, following wherever they lead me. πŸ™‚

  2. […] really means. I’m pretending that I got tagged since I’m not much of a popular person. Migs Paraz tagged PinoyTechScene where this blog is also […]

  3. Speaking of Wikipedia, a bunch of us Filipino Wikipedians had the very first Filipino Wikipedians Meet-up last Sunday at SM Megamall. There’s some pictures over at the Tambayan ( πŸ™‚

  4. I like getting lost in new places and then finding my way

    no wonder you enjoy reading open-source code =)

  5. @Eugene, Cool! How many are you guys?

  6. […] can just share that I have bipolar disorder, and am taking medicine until now. Yes, I’m still quirky. And I did my time in psychiatric wards, or “basements.” I had the strangest psychotic […]

  7. wikipedia adik din ako, migz. (but i am not in i.t. i’m in the pr and advertising biz.) may site ba ang pinoy wikipedians?

  8. There’s Tambayan Philippines on Wikipedia itself.

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