Twitter: Works For Me

Why I twit? I find it hard to keep up with my serious blogging. The path from draft post to published article is just too long. At any given time, I have four to five draft ideas waiting to be completed.

Does this compromise my blogging? If I follow Rico’s manifesto on why he will never use Twitter, then I won’t be verbose. But unlike him, I fail in publishing a steady stream of content. I have no lack of ideas, but lack the time to give them attention. Twitting gets the ideas out: like open source, release early and release often.

For the rest of Rico’s reasons: I’m not a very private person (but I can’t/don’t want to blog about a lot of work stuff.) I don’t think the commitment and update issues are important for me. Perhaps they are for probloggers like him. Come to think of it, blogging is writing as a performance art.

Speaking of probloggers, master problogger Abraham reminds us about the biggest problem. Going on the record for something you may regret. I hope I skip that problem and think before I twit.

For local Twitting, this could be the killer app for Mobile IM with an Operator Community (say, like Globe’s instant messenger).


12 Responses

  1. Have you tried You can post, but there’s also a conversational element. Friends and visitors can comment on your posts, and you can do the same. Your Jaiku presence can also include all your lifestream webfeeds from FlickR,, Twitter, and your personal and business blog sites.

    If you’re into exploring, give it a try. Cheers, N.

  2. keep the twits coming. I love reading your updates in the various places you are right now.

  3. Neil,
    I have taken a look at Jaiku, but I haven’t tried creating an account. “lifestream,” that sounds interesting.

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, it’s travel-twitting. I can’t afford to update live via SMS, though.

    Come to think of it, Twitter is also helps give me an idea of what’s happening back home.

  4. Same sentiments about privacy, but not much. Thing is, you get into the web, you automatically disclose a part of yourself, purposely or inadvertently. And, by that, I believe its just a matter of obligation or responsibility to account for all your webprints (or web footprints).

    Personally, I don’t like Twitter. Waste of time broadcasting stuffs you do from time to time.. so, I remain a spectator of Twitter lovers.

  5. “Think before you twit.”

    I like it!

    I still won’t twit though. But I like reading the twit of others!

  6. I think you’re right about Twitter possibly becoming the next killer app for mobiles. The posts are short, which plays well into the limited text input capabilities of phones. And since people can receive their friends’ twits through SMS, they don’t need to a computer to do stay updated. I guess the only question remains is are enough people willing to microblog?

  7. sweetperceptions,
    Waste of time? I only takes 30 seconds for me. Or, 10 seconds to type what I’ve been thinking for hours (and I’m not on the computer. I haven’t gone into mobile twitting.)

    The twit of others! Looks like the word “twit” is no longer an insult!

    I think people would be more willing to microblog if it were flat rate messaging (such as mobile IM). Now will people read? Who knows, we will gain new celebrities, better than those artista updates people subscribe to.

  8. […] few days ago, I wrote Why I Will Never Use Twitter. And thanks to the linklove of Quiet Strength, I was able to read his thoughts on Twitter, as well as those of The Boy Wonder and The […]

  9. just like toni’s comment.. for me, i’d rather read the twit of others.

    i just won’t get into something i cannot sustain. its like twitting every minute? hour? day? IMHO, its just not my personality. 🙂


  10. I share your sentiment. Twitter gets the ideas out, yupyup. I recently once blogged that twitter works for me too coz I “usually get a lot of thoughts within the day, which I don’t get to blog about anymore ‘coz I’m too lazy to string them all together..” 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for adding me to your growing list of twitter friends. (See here, you meet new people too!) 🙂

  11. sweetperceptions,
    You just twit when you like, short and sweet. Yesterday, I was too busy working to twit anything, and I didn’t even think of it.

    Twitter == Low Impact Blogging.

    That’s right! It’s the social aspect too. I find Twitter’s interface quite similar to Livejournal, actually.

  12. hope you can find our site interesting at where Filipinos get twitter-connected

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