Will Google Ever Buy a Philippine Company?

Let’s say you did start a startup in the Philippines. Would Google buy you out? How about Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, or eBay (like Stumbleupon?)

Or would Google & Company ever buy into a local company? I thought that when a Google executive came over it was for some deal. No go there.

I hope this happens soon, to put a locally educated Pinoy in Google.

Can you suggest any candidates for acquisition?


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  1. I think it’s Yahoo! who should (not might) buy a local startup. Mainly because Yahoo! has better penetration and market share in the Philippines, if not Asia.

    If they don’t get their act together, it’ll only take a while before Google overtakes them.

  2. That is also more possible because Yahoo! has a nearby office – in Singapore. I also came across an anonymous blog of a Pinoy web designer working in Y! SG.

  3. I’m predicting that Google will rather buy/license the data of some local GIS company for their Google Maps/Earth before buying a local start-up.

  4. Well, the scenario is more farfetched now than in the past months because of the death of American Peace Corps volunteer Julia Campbell. Have you seen all the travel advisories issued by embassies for their citizens?

    The worst travel advisory so far came from the UK embassy that states: “There is a high threat from terrorism throughout the Philippines. Terrorist groups continue to plan attacks and have the capacity and the intent to carry out these attacks at any time and anywhere in the country. Attacks could be indiscriminate and against civilian targets in public places, including those frequented by foreigners.”

    This and other travel advisories effectively shut down what little interest foreign companies have in investing in the Philippines.

  5. Eugene,
    In other words: not likely? How can we make it possible? I hope to address those factors in future blog posts.

    I have seen those advisories for a long time but they have not stopped all the foreign BPO companies from investing and operating here. Those are much much larger than the small investments that I imagine Google would be doing.

    Also, the story of Campbell, while tragic and sensational, doesn’t seem to matter much in the larger scheme of things.

  6. Well. I guess the larger issue is the lack of local Pinoy web application developers. Most of us would rather work on outsourcing projects because that’s where the money is. And money is a large issue for most local people. Yes, there’s money (lots of it) when you get bought by Google/Yahoo!, but such an exit strategy is a long shot.

  7. Google also has an office in Singapore – this is a list of Singapore openings from Aileen Apolo (our Google country consultant)’s blog.

  8. Eugene,
    Hopefully the outsourcing projects give the web folk cash to work on their own product dev. It would also be nice if even if Pinoys just do the work outsourced, their principal gets acquired. So, it’s still our talent that delivered.

    That’s right. The office is fairly new I think – definitely newer than Yahoo which has been in Singapore since the first dot com boom. There was talk before of Google putting up an engineering center in Singapore. But then again, we don’t hear of many Singaporean tech startups? I guess they would want to hire local and regional talent, the way existing companies do when they make Singapore their regional hub.

  9. how about amazon?

  10. ria,
    Yes Amazon makes acquisitions.

    But the Pinoy connection would be more likely be: using Amazon S3 storage and EC2 cluster computing for their startup. Something they encourage.

  11. I have been told there are Filipinos in Google Singapore, in the corporate communications department…:) not precisely in info tech but more of PR/communications

  12. I’m pretty sure there are, even in Mountain View. I’m looking for the next Pinoy hardcore techie in Google.

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