Why no Pinoys in Google or Tech Startups?

More thinking.

I don’t know of any Philippines-educated Filipino in Google or other tech startups. It’s either Fil-ams born and raised in the US, or in the rarer case, Pinoys who attended university or graduate school abroad.

Pinoys I know or hear about who join the exodus don’t get to these hot companies.

Do we lack the means, the skills, the attitude or the exposure? (The Imperial Equation)


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  1. I can only guess… it’s because Filipinos here in our country who graduated on “great” Universities here and who has a capacity to join these hot companies are BUSINESS OWNERS in this country we call-Philippines.

    my 2 cents.

  2. maybe because hot tech start-up hire in two (2) ways. ONE. they get people nearby – stanford, caltech and others. TWO. they get people they know. so if there is a pinoy in the shop already on start-up then it is likely the pinoy will hire more pinoys.

  3. Hmmm, I think Mapua-educated Dado Banatao qualifies for this slot.

    See here: http://www.geocities.com/fasa_usc/culture/banatao.htm

  4. @hip2b2: This is somewhat true. I think nowadays startups are agressive in hiring people.. and with that they look at individuals that has “real” skills and not just mere diplomas from nearby schools(i know a startup here in San Diego that hires people all over the US).

    @Migz: We are active.. its just that we are not in the limelight yet.. 😉

    Believe it or not Migz there are alot of Pinoys who are in the startup business.. but most of them are lurking in why i call the “tech underground”. I have a friend who is currently finalizing his LLC application for a startup that he is opening in Davao(funded by a foreign national ofcourse).

    I’m currently part of a Filipino funded startup(My uncle – http://labinterface.com/)that envisions to build the next-generation medical application which we are planning to release in the 3rd quarter of this year.

    Pinoys are catching up and believe me.. when fire is fully lit the flame will rise 🙂

  5. Dexter,
    Dado Banatao didn’t get hired – he started the companies! I guess the barriers to entry were lower back then.

    Keith Rull,
    Hopefully they will hire abroad, or if they legally can’t, set up offices here in the Philippines! But it may be too expensive or the logistics too hard for the typical startup.

    Looking forward for the “tech underground” rising! Nice you got something going. Hope you can share more of the inside stories later.

  6. Most Pinoy are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur but because we are supporting not just own family but some extended families (parents, bothers, sister, etc.) back in the Phils. we can’t just quit our day job and jump into unstable or risky gig.
    I myself wanted create startup co. to develop an intellectual asset management system (monetizing company IPs) and deals social network (digdeals.com ala myspace for cheap people hehehe) but for some reason I can’t find Pinoy PHP programmers in the Phils? that’s why im doing the planning,coding,etc.by myself part-time:-(

    Interested of becoming a partner?? email me elmer-at-mobilegadget.com or im on skype as helplessdesk

  7. i will be the first Filipino in Google!
    haha wishful thinking :p

  8. “在Google,学历最差的工程师,大概是最厉害的工程师”。Google资深工程师沈修平说,因为不用经过任何学历的验证,就可以进入Google,表示实力真的非常强。

    身为第一批进入Google的工程师,沈修平说,要进入Google 最重要是看能力,看你以前做过什么?未来还可以做什么?‘什么都没有,才会看学历’。




  9. Hi Anonymouz,
    Unfortunately like most Xavierians, I can’t read Chinese Language anymore!

    I should make a separate post about entrepreneurship.

    Until then, thanks to a PinoyJUG colleague, I found this: Why to Not Not Start a Startup.

  10. Isn’t Wablet pinoy-powered (if not owned)? I know of a few in the mobile 2.0 industry, as well

  11. Migs,

    This is just offhand observation, but I think Pinoys abroad may tend to go for the “sure thing” with stable pay instead of the eat-your-noodles-while-waiting-to-get-rich option with startups.

    A friend of mine’s favorite story is about her tita that was approached by her ex-classmate in the late 70’s, who had recently dropped out to start a company. She said, “Why should I go with this college dropout?” Well, that man was Bill G., and the rest is history.

    (BTW, I can’t independently verify this story, but it’s a good friend’s relative who told the story.)

  12. jorge,
    Oh yes, Wablet had a Pinoy Tech Blog story. So this is a US company which outsourced/offshored here. According to Abraham’s post on “stealth mode,” the guy here is “badongers.”

    Cool story!
    Hope other folks can share their experience of startup vs established company. Welcome back to blogging!

  13. Migs,

    I just remembered – I met a Pinoy from Google when I was in California last year, and he gave me a Google shirt. So at least we know there is at least one countryman over there!

  14. […] I hope this happens soon, to put a locally educated Pinoy in Google. […]

  15. here’s a local startup http://www.rightswitch.biz/

  16. Migs, usually startups in the US like Google and Microsoft are by kids during their college years. So it’s unlikely for Philippine-educated Pinoys to start one there.

  17. Jason,
    Stealth mode! Is that yours?

    That’s right, those would be the more celebrated ones… but older people still start startups. In the Founders at Work book, most of them had their successful startup when they had some experience under their belt.

    On the other hand, Paul Graham is kids fresh out of school to go for his Y Combinator.

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