Philippine Blog Awards – the Aftermath

Whew. That sure was one … interesting week after the Blog Awards. Nevertheless, I’m glad I set aside a small amount and sponsored it. (It’s a bit funny to hear my name mentioned at the Awards, though. What I get for not having a cute witty name for this blog.)

I’m also happy I spent some time in judging the entries.

So who did I give the highest scores, and who did I want to win? Sorry, it’s unbloggable. Here’s the famous Sorsi, demonstrating how to say “it’s unbloggable”:


3 Responses

  1. While it’s all well and good for the Philippine Blogging Community (I wish it were a “metropolis” though, for it seems a way small one) to pat itself on the back for blogs well made, it disturbs me a bit to still find out that “international” still equals the US.

    I hope the blogging community of, oh dear, it feels a little smaller than that–Manila crawl around the web a little more to find that metropolis of Pinoy bloggers all over.

    Oh, and some like to keep their privacy intact, and as another blogger-friend calls it, “world-domination climate-controlled.” 🙂

  2. Hi Midee, I don’t think “international” equals the US anymore… the most prominent Pinoy bloggers outside the Philippines are not in the US.

    As for privacy… you know some people keep “secret” blogs. While I don’t – I simply don’t blog about private stuff, anywhere.

  3. That was a funny video! :p

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