Where are the Pinoy Open Source Developers?

I was a Pinoy Open Source Developer, years ago. Now, I’m trying to get back, to contribute to the open source tools I use for work.

Where are the Pinoy Open Source Developers? A few years ago this was a topic at PLUG. The discussion back then was that Pinoys are too busy working. If they have free time, they would rather get a sideline for extra income. (I already brought this up earlier: what’s next in Pinoy tech.)
Now that there are jobs that pay you to work with open source (common with Linux system administration), is getting paid to work on the code itself far behind? There is at least one local company where people paid to hack on open source code, but this is just maintenance work as far as I can see.

Is there a Filipino company that will dare build a product as open source? Or less dramatic: build a components product out of open source components?


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  1. Ehe. I thought the Exist guys where doing that? Hehehe. Well, let us just say Pinoys tends to have less free and are less likely to contribute. But, the bottom line is one of “emotional” incentive. Maybe Pinoys just don’t get “high” developing open source software?

  2. We’re planning to do just that: develop an open source product from scratch at Orange and Bronze Software Labs. It’s still a hush-hush thing, but as soon as the business starts growing, we’re going to be coming out with an open source product — hopefully soon.

    At any rate, I’ve got a couple of open source libraries already up at sourceforge — and another one hosted at the O&B site.

    There’s also a person named Joel De Guzman who’s an open source developer himself now working with Boost Consulting. His project is the Spirit parser framework: http://spirit.sourceforge.net/ . He’s full blooded Filipino, and very proud of it.

  3. i have just started out contributing to MbUnit (another xUnit testing framework for .NET)

  4. Hi Migs, i think filipinos have been doing these for quite some time already most notably ‘you’ during the good ‘ol iPhil / I-Next days… 🙂 Anyways, from the http://www.bsdrouter.org/ site you can see it listed there the work of a filipino named Norbert Copones. His project is called “PsygNAT”, a free firewall and NAT router based on OpenBSD/i386.

  5. Lemongreen Inc. is using a Java SMS library I developed way back. The library’s source code is out in the open. It’s using the Apache Software License. You can check it out at:


    For the SMS appliance SMS gateway implementation I used Avalon Phoenix. Unfortunately, Avalon is not around anymore. I will be porting the commercial implementation to Mule soon not because I got a shirt from them but because it works! =)

    DynamicBeans is also brewing something for the telcos. You can check out Patriot. It’s an Open Source Implementation of JSR-212 also known as Server APIs for Mobile Services. We’re just finding some telcos to test with. Hopefully we get to release a stable version soon. =)


    • I don’t think this is live anymore since it was there for a while without any changes! Any news on this?

  6. hip2b2, yes I was referring to the Exist Software guys in my post. About the high, perhaps that’s something that could be developed?

    Dean, thanks for the info. Looking forward to the open source project. It is much easier to develop open source in Java, though… ! (flames off!)

    jokiz, thanks for joining the (small) club!

    Jett, yes that’s true for quite some time already, but still few and far between. As for me, that was so long ago… 7 years! So I need to get back.

  7. There’s a community of open source developers. They had an event last month at the EDSA Shangri-la. There’s also the Advanced Science & Technology Institute under the DOST taking initiatives for development of open source apps. Yun nga lang they’re very small and have a small budget as well.

  8. Ey Migs, finish one of your draft posts. I might just click on your… oops… Aileen just posted.

  9. There’s a strong FOSS community in UP Diliman.

    There was a recent event in Edsa Shangrila (as Aileen noted). National FOSS conference on e-Governance http://dev.joomla.org/component/option,com_jd-wp/Itemid,33/p,293/

    Johan Janssens from Joomla was one of the spearkers.

  10. Migz,

    I think one of the guys who is part of the core for Joomla is a Filipino. I think his name is Rey Gigataras. He is currently based in Marikina.

    You can find his blog here:

    I don’t know if he is still involve with the project but i do know that he used to be a release coordinator for them back when joomla moved away from mambo(they used to be part of the mambo development team)

  11. Thanks for the info and insights. In the months (almost a year) since I posted this, I sadly haven’t been able to write new open source. I hope to give it another go soon.

    I just need to figure out what’s the proper project to contribute to, which would help me learn as well.

  12. […] Invisible Pinoy Open Source Majority? We’ve been reminded of an interesting post by Migs Paraz, a veteran of the local online community, via Twitter. To wit: Where are the Pinoy Open Source […]

  13. General question, any comments on the state of JSR 212? I see little evidence of activity around it of late (ie 2007/2008), the Patriot effort looks to of stopped a couple of years back. Is that project dead? Is this spec alive and well? As for Nokia, they once had NMSS sdk which disappeared, is this because of JSR-212? Did they simply opt to follow the 212 route instead?


  14. The Patriot project is simply inactive as of now. But we’ll revive it within this year first thing to do now is to weed out idle developers and bring in fresh minds in to the project. Nokia is the principal sponsor of the spec. So basically they routed in this direction. The value of this API has to be really cleared out and be appreciated not just by technical people but in the business domains as well in order to fast track this project.

    • I saw a similar project related to this. Hummingbird!!!

  15. Got interested in the entries. I have been approached by somebody claiming to be working for pinoyopensource and joomla but I have reservations. He is very young, and has no presence in the internet, no matter how much you google him.
    What is pinoyopensource really? And why is it that they cannot issue official receipts?
    Are they a group, or a business or what?
    Would appreciate your answer immediately.

  16. hi Migs,

    It seems there are onlye a few and I can understand why. Besides the technical challenges, the really important but more difficult part is developing a community around the project–locally or internationally. We are certainly trying though–check out our project at http://www.comunionerp.com (enterprise software). I don’t know how far it will go but any support from like-minded local developers and FOSS enthusiasts will certainly help.

  17. FWIW, I have a few small Perl projects that I made open source, mostly stuff that I made in my spare time and/or related to $WORK in some way. That’s aside from my older contributions on distros (packaging and translations for Debian and Ubuntu.) I have also some porting work for some web-related Perl modules for OpenBSD which I’ll announce later.

    I guess for the most part that Pinoy Open Source developers are simply too busy building stuff, without much fanfare. A lot of work gets done that way, though at the expense of being less obvious.

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