The Lives of Bloggers

The Philippine Blog Awards finalists are out: Main Category and Special Awards.

After going through Pinoy Blog contestants, I was reminded of my bad old habit. Blogger envy. Wishing I had the lives of other bloggers.

Of course this is not healthy. What causes it? Part is self-ageism – I feel old! Compared to the bloggers of today. Some of  them 13 years old and below.  What if I had the Internet at that age?

Of course, “the grass is always greener,” and blogs don’t tell all.


4 Responses

  1. Being a judge is quite an honor as well. And I doubt that it was because you’re a sponsor.

  2. Ah, what wonderful things we would have done had we had the Internet back then.

    Then again, I’m sure I’d be wrapped up in games. Heh.

    But age has its merits. 😉

  3. If you check my description, my “claim to fame” for being a judge is … being old on the Internet!

    Age has its merits alright… I sure don’t want to have to live many years of my life all over again!

  4. The truth is, it’s really not all that. Honestly! And this is coming from someone who is in the list of finalists.

    Most of the kids today blog about nothing really. I don’t quite agree with most of the finalist listings, so it doesn’t really matter. You know better, you have age and experience. That’s what matters. It’s always about the content, and as long as you know you’re writing about something that’s worth reading, that’s what really matters!

    Thanks for visiting Nostalgia Manila! Keep up the good work!

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