Where are the Pinoy Developer Bloggers?

I went through the Philippine Blog Awards entries. The Technology category has a number of web design, photography, and even open source blogs.

But no developer blogs. Where are they? Or they don’t know about the contest?

I don’t know many Pinoy Developer Bloggers. Some are hosted on devpinoy.org. Others are aggregated at Pinoy Tech Scene. The rest – there is no comprehensive list or aggregator.


4 Responses

  1. Good point Migz. Thats the same reason why is started devpinoy.. i was trying to push Filipinos to the tech scene because i believe that there are alot of smart developers outhere that just needs a break to be noticed by world.

    I think the problem is that there is not alot of Pinoy Tech bloggers mainly because not alot of us have the freetime to spend in writing blogs.. i guess theres not alot of passionate geeks in manila.. or, they just havent started blogging yet.

    I know this will change soon. Let the DevBlog revolution begin.

  2. Yeah. I noticed that too. I am a developer, and I blog, but I have started to move into a more techie side only late last year.

    Truly sad though, that I know only of few Pinoy Developers who blog, and no real developer blog was part of the list of awardees.

  3. Hi! I’m pinoy developer try my first blogs its all about software that i created. This is my first Blog and i hope i still add more if have time.

  4. With how fast technology is moving it’s hard to find time to blog much more blog very well. And actually even if your particular technology is not moving that fast, there is too much to learn in the programming field.

    Lots of reasons: you want to keep your job, in a stable job but need more money, just want to learn a lot more etc. But generally developers are more inclined in either working or learning that they barely find enough time to blog.

    True enough that as much as a few of us wants to help in forums, it doesn’t come easy to fit in the schedule. (thumbs up to Keith for devpinoy)

    Not to mention that it usually is not innate to developers to chit chat and express themselves very well.

    Not to mention that I might be wrong but other topics like technology and gadgets and stuff will likely attract more subscribers than actual developer related posts 🙂

    Plus the network of developer bloggers is not really that established. Maybe soon it can change. 🙂

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