My Hobby Programming

I went to a Book Sale branch in Cubao yesterday, and I bought Effective C#.

Why this, when I use Java for work? It’s confusing to work with both Java and C# at the same time since they are too similar.

There were Java books at that branch, mostly from APress. But they were about specific technologies, stuff you can pick from the web. Effective C# is something you would need to read leisurely.

But why C#? It’s part of my quest to learn other languages – partly for practical purposes, partly as a hobbyist. I was a programming hobbyist long before I did it for work.

I did use C# and .NET for practical purposes once in my life, back in 2004. I even bought a licensed copy of Microsoft Visual C# 2003 that came bundled with a book on learning the language.

Now I have Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, but it’s waiting for a time I could use it. When is that? Maybe when I’m bored and want to build a Windows program. Maybe if I’m away on a foreign trip and have nothing to do in my off hours.

Ruby on Rails is another “hot” technology I’ve been meaning to pick up. I bought an ebook of Pragmatic RoR programming. This is for the time, if and when, I get to build a “web 2.0” style app. I do have the host after all and it’s only used to host blogs at the moment.

The main issue here is focus. Since I already do some coding, architecture and planning for work, it’s hard to “work some more” when I get home. This is the reason I can’t help some friends at the moment. They have some ideas on new killer apps to build, but they are not developers. I am the one meant to do the implementation. But, I can’t take on “another job” with what I’m doing right now for work.

Other programming work can only be a hobby for now, and even that, I’m challenged.


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  1. Welcome to the C# community, hehehe. I’m actually new to it, having used the PL for a little over two months. I was forced to use it at work since most of the systems developed here are in C#. I’m surviving on a daily basis, thanks to books, ebooks and online help.

  2. C# is a corporate language and I do not recommend such for hobbies. Not much fun. Take a look at and you’ll know what you should try. It is also
    the best kept secret in Linux (Torry has no mention of that). And to top it all, I’ve just filled five CDs full of components this 2007 alone. Really lots of toys to have fun with.

  3. That’s great to hear! But I don’t really feel like learning another language at this point.

    Maybe I’ll look at Python and Ruby again.

  4. that’s exactly how i feel. I do project management, architecturing and coding the whole day it seems like such a waste of your life doing that as your hobby too (hehe). That’s why I got into photography.
    C# is nice, though, you can build apps really quickly.

  5. Hi Miguel
    Perhaps you have heard of HyperNext as its aimed at hobbyists. It is visually based and has two languages built in. There is the HyperNext scripting language but there is also a much faster object orientated BASIC called RBscript. The HyperNext language is untyped and English-like in a similar way to Apple’s abandoned Hypercard.
    You might find it interesting. By the way, it can also produce free software.

  6. ramil,
    Yeah photography seems to be a popular “geek hobby.” Expensive, though! Programming is cheap.

    Thanks for the info on HyperNext. That’s not my type of software, though.

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