Learning my Blog Conviction

Jayvee “A Bugged Life” made me think here. You Define Your Blog Conviction.

Or: Why We Blog?

I can’t figure mine out so easily.

I have been blogging for many different reasons. I can’t reduce my blogging here to a simple mission/vision/objectives/values. (And that would be so corporate!)

For now, I just want to blog here to practice writing and share ideas. In the past I had grand plans of blogging about topics regularly. But I’m not a problogger, so that didn’t quite work out.

Now I post more and more personal stuff here, things I previously pushed out to sites like Livejournal. But, I don’t think I’ll ever join the school of “what I did today” blogging. (Or a pink blog for men, if there can be such a thing.) Unless there’s a point to be made.
So, I don’t know how to answer Jayvee’s question just yet. His “Bugged Life” is appropriate – perhaps he is the Socratic Gadfly of blogging, making us answer difficult questions.


4 Responses

  1. Sometimes it is in the personal blog where you can discover the niche you truly want to write often.

  2. for me, personal blogs help us find focus in the things we love doing. a clue to this is to check out your top 5 categories 😀

  3. Since my top category is “autobiography,” perhaps it means I’m vain and love to write about myself.

    Or maybe not. Just a lot of pent-up stories waiting to be told!

  4. I’m still trying to figure it out. Philosophical entries drain the hell out of me but I love writing about Atheism.

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