Go Team Barcelona!

Go Team Barcelona! No, not a sporting match. The 3GSM World Congress 2007. Our boss and my colleagues should be there by now – or in a few hours. One of the big things is the Mobile Innovation Forum – William writes about it.

Eat some authentic Catalan Food for us, guys! Seriously… more projects for us. Yey!


5 Responses

  1. Catalan food is like good spanish food in the Philippines … there is Paella and the standard array of Tapas. Nothing much …

    The mobile innovation forum was interested and some of the technologies here are really something.

  2. Hi Migs! ‘Been meaning to make this observation for a while now, but we seem to be moving in the same industry. Our client’s got guys in Barcelona as too. They’re probably the only Irish company there that offers software for sms services.

  3. hip2b2: that’s great news for us… err (non-corporate mode on)… the industry!

    Levi Guerrero: I think we have even before… I also worked in Java+VoIP but for some other company from the one I believe you were working for. Well, it’s a sunrise industry after all and the Philippines is a leader in mobile (cliche or not?)

  4. Interesting. It would have been nice to meet. I went to all the Noypi booths: Globe GCash and Chikka. I was also hung around the MOSSEC and GSMA areas with lots of Noypi’s too.

    what was this company?

  5. G-Cash had a booth? What are they selling to the world market?

    Levi Guerrero’s company is secret, I’m sure… just like his real name.

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