My Reading Habits

There have been a bunch of reading-related events lately: the Read or Die convention, Powerbooks Sale, the visit of the MV Doulus…

But I don’t actually read much in print. I switched my reading habits to online articles, and now, blogs. I took account of my how much time I’ve spent reading blogs in the past few months and I conclude: too much!

I’m trying to swing my reading back to print. It’s more relaxing, and I could do it anywhere. There’s no opportunity to jump to this site and that.

Reading some tech stuff on paper has helped. I have a couple of more tech books incoming so that should get me reading more.

Fiction is something else. I don’t really read much fiction, as I find facts more entertaining. I spend too much online reading time in Wikipedia. I was a super nerd when I grew up, reading encylopedias, Time-Life books, Time and Newsweek magazines, and newspapers. I took up speedreading. Up to now I can read very fast, which unfortunately makes me impatient when reading fiction.

Let’s see if I’ll read this other book here this weekend…


2 Responses

  1. where did you learn speedreading? have you heard of photoreading? am still deliberating whether or not i’ll purchase a “course” online…

    Does it really work? speed and comprehension both?

  2. Jun, this was when I was… 10 years old? So this was early in my life. I think I went back in high school. This was the center of “Dra. Roldan” (can’t search for more info anymore) in the PCIBank Building in Greenhills.

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