MyBlogLog, the next Friendster?

More people have been visiting this blog, thanks to the Blog Parteeh. One indicator is, new faces appearing in MyBlogLog. People from the party who just signed up.

What do I do to the people I’ve met? Add as contact! Just like Friendster in 2003.

So will it grow like Friendster? Probably not, because only a small percent of local Internet users do blogs. So, it won’t be a “directory service” or “profiling service,” where you check Friendster to see more about the person through their profile. But MyBlogLog could be the network of the bloggerati.

Yahoo! superhacker Jeremy Zawodny is working on it now, so only good should happen.


5 Responses

  1. Naming aside, do you really expect MyBlogLog to remain in the small world of blogs? Why not put faces on other sites poeople visit daily?

  2. Hi Jeremy, thanks for visiting. If that’s what you’re thinking of…. interesting, it’s turning the social network inside out.

    Building the social network on top of sites, instead of social network == site as it generally is right now.

  3. If it were you’d be really popular. I see you everywhere im MyBlogLog. :p

  4. That doesn’t make me popular. It just shows I’m a prolific blog reader! I don’t do that in Friendster, I’m not a stalkster.

  5. well friendster has a big different from bloglog because bloglog can only source of profile…i don’t know if it can be like friendster maybe if it develop more…

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