Nokia Nseries: Not Selling?

“Giga” Om Malik writes about Nokia’s Nroblems. Selling in the US is tough. How are they doing here in Nokia-loving Philippines?

I’ve been curious as to why US consumers don’t want to pay cash for phones, and prefer to get it through carriers instead. Or is it how the market works? There are people here who buy $800 and above phones, a lot of money in the Philippines but (should be) small change in the US. Why is handset purchasing behavior different?

Or maybe it’s because the Nseries using S60 are too complex, and arguably buggier and slower, than Series 40. Maybe Nokia should come out with high end, high margin “feature phones” – that are more practical than the “fashion” phones or other fancy units.

They can’t shake away the “multimedia computer” that easily. The N95, from the early reviews, really has it packed with features and complexity.


7 Responses

  1. Some markets … Particularly, the US and EU like simple but funky looking handsets. Notice the handsets that really sell like hotcakes in these markets are Samsung phones and RAZR-like ones.

  2. Americans would rather spend money on SUVs rather than mobile phones.

  3. The more complicated it is, more fun to me! (Until you need to do something important to it and you cannot use it.)

  4. hip2b2: Maybe that’s Nokia observed for the N76 design. But even if it’s shaped like a RAZR, running S60 might still keep it clunky?

    Anonymouz: Perhaps Global Warming awareness would change that?

    naksd: Well you and I are only… 5% of the population? And even I replaced my S60 for a series 40.

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  6. Just got myself a Nokia N70 Music Edition. It rocks with so many features which should explain why it takes about 2min to start it up. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be using almost a third of all the features. But it still a cool phone. Wonder what’s the issue/s with the N-series?

  7. Hi Marc, I guess that consumers in the US are not willing to pay for all those features. If Nokia can’t negotiate with an operator to sell it with a plan, they won’t buy it. Enjoy your shiny new black N70!

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